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Call Center Services and their types: A Brief Overview

by Nathan Zachary
Call Center Services

Call center services are the backbone for many companies, especially those that are greatly reliant on their customer base. The advent of call center services in India came to a larger picture as the exigency for handling sales and post-sales-related assistance became more prudent. Providing a robust telecommunication facility and increasing the customer experience for client companies remain top priorities for call center services. 

The responsibilities mainly involve handling customers/clients through a variety of communication mediums such as chat, email, message, or call. The dedicated call center service agents handle incoming calls, make outbound calls, provide email or chat assistance, and also feed customers crucial information related to the database. Call center services also perform research surveys, find leads, and improve interactions. 

Knowing the Primary Purpose of Call Center Services

Once a company starts expanding, the business operations become more intricate; the customers require more attention and assistance. Therefore, call center services provide help in establishing smoother hassle-free business operations. 

  • An efficient workforce and efficient business operations are critical for business growth and can be improved significantly with resilient and powerful call center support.
  • Investing in the enhancement of customer experience is equally important as investing in other crucial business resources like product quality, infrastructure, marketing, and finance. 
  • Call center service can be prolific and reduce the cost of on-premises sales and marketing investments as they are in direct contact with customers. 
  • Call center support representatives, play a pivotal role in increasing the customer base and customer satisfaction by streamlining the business process and services. 

Types of Call Center Services 

The categorization of call centers varies, depending on the type of process, customers, communication means, and approach. They can provide a wide range of services based on specific business objectives.  Every business has its specific goals and there are 6 major categories of call centers. Companies must choose the call center options carefully after determining their business needs. Let us explore the type of call center services. 

Inbound Call Center

As the name suggests, inbound means calls are incoming, and the customers seek the company’s assistance related to products or services they have availed of or going to avail of. Usually, there are 2 phases in which customers seek support – presales, dispatching, and post-sales. 

  • Processing orders come in the beginning phases where a prospective customer is trying to get support for purchasing a product or service. A representative receives the call and takes the customer through different stages of the order process; ensuring the purchase was successful. 
  • Providing dispatch service is the call center support given during the product or service dispatch. For example, a customer trying to track the delivery status of the product he/she has ordered from an online e-commerce website. 
  • Similarly, offering help desk support is another service in which a dedicated call center service personnel helps customers with issues related to troubleshooting issues remotely by giving instructions to customers to solve the issue. 
  • Then comes the call diversion facility, where representatives acknowledge and analyze the problems of customers over the phone and then transfer their call to their respective departments as per the nature of the problem. 

Outbound Call Center

Outbound call centers are mostly sales-oriented. The primary objective of outbound call representatives is to pitch sales conversations to the prospective customer and clients, if they are interested, the representatives go further by explaining the details of their products or services. 

  • There are generally 2 major phases of outbound call centers. The first phase involves ruling out potential customers and reaching out to them. Telesales professionals make calls to potential buyers or customers and convince them to buy the products and services of the company.
  • The other phase comprises sales outreach in which the telesales representatives conduct surveys for acquiring insights into the customer’s experience, product and service reviews, feedback, queries, and suggestions. 

Automated Call Centers

Call centers to offer automated voicemail service, system-generated response systems, and navigation systems. Companies that do not possess many sophisticated services and can be handled them with minimal human interventions, can have access to automated call centers. There is little to no requirement for recruiting staff members for responding to sophisticated queries so this service is cheaper. 

Multichannel and Omnichannel Call Center Services

Both the services may sound similar but they are not. The functions and features of both the call centers are somewhat the same as they use multiple communication channels for assisting the customers. The difference is that multichannel call centers have limited provisions unlike omnichannel. 

Omnichannel call centers have a customized approach to handling their customers in which all the departments of the company are simultaneously connected with the client and they have the privilege to make immediate improvisations depending on the respective scenario; it helps in achieving better results.

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