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All adventure lovers have some common wishes and desires. They all love to camp in between their journey towards adventure. This will be truly such an amazing experience for all the daredevils out there! Camping, that too in the heart of the Himalayas is something that no one should miss in his or her lifetime. 

So many people are visiting here, camping here in this particular Spiti valley. This is moreover like a great dream that gives a rejuvenating feel for all the daredevils out there. This activity of camping is considered to be one such adventurous activity that is done by most of the travelers who visit there. 

Nearby destination

Either you can camp in Spiti valley itself or you can take Kinnaur valley for staying. In both these places you will be getting a chance to be in the camp which is affordable for you. Spiti valley is a place that can be called a cold desert too. One thing that you need to think about is the water facility available. Since it is a cold deserted area, you will have to face the great challenge of finding water in that area. 

This indicates that you need to take sufficient water bottles with you to get yourselves hydrated while moving through this area. Since this is a high-altitude area, you will feel physically weak, that is, some kind of problems with your body and mind as well.

The Campsite

You may need to make your tent or you can camp almost at any place in Spiti valley. If you are putting up your tent near some Dhaba camps, which are the tents set up by the local people living there, you will be so much more enthusiastic to witness the cultures of local people. But the thing is that you need to take permission from the Dhaba people, or the villagers present there for staying here. Sometimes they will allow you whereas sometimes you need to pay some small tips to them for staying there. 

You will be feeling a kind of secureness there and you will be staying away from solitude as well. You will be protected against wild animals since you are along with other local people. If you are a person who is interested in visiting the 500-year-old mummy, then you can have your camp at Tabo or Hurling. If you are staying near any stream of water, then you may just need to stay calm and peaceful. And if you are camping in places like Marhi or Gramphu, then also you may feel comfortable. 


In Kaza, you can stay near the villages present there. Staying near Dhankar lake is such a great time for you to enjoy. The camps will be having a normal rate that will be affordable to you; you can choose the camps according to your budget. 

Instructions to follow

You should always keep one thing in mind, that is, you should not make camps in the ChandraTal region. There are several other restricted areas like Chandra Tal, where camping is not allowed. This is to protect the Himalayas. You need to be sure about the overnight weather conditions while you are staying in the camp. If you are seeing the weather in a very clear manner and if you think that it is comfortable, then only you may need to stay there. 

If you are in the middle of Kunzum pass, then you have to stay there if the weather is not clear. Sometimes you may have to stay in any homestay available in Spiti valley because of the bad weather conditions. Sometimes there may be rain or wind which is happening there. Therefore sometimes you may need to uproot your camping destination from the very place you are staying to another destination. 

Camping guide

Wherever you camp, you may have to be so fearless because you are staying in the wild and you must be able to fight back to the wild in a good manner to continue your stay there. You should be very careful while having a campfire there in those areas. Always you need to get your body hydrated and you need to keep your body warm. 

Before starting the camp, you need to think about your health as well. If you are not well, then you should not enter the camping areas. Carry all the essential requirements that you need for camping in Spiti. Also, beware about the food packs you are having, since there are animals present there that may snatch away your food items.

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