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Can Healthcare Professionals Afford to Ignore Disability Insurance?

by Nathan Zachary

Healthcare professionals are among the most well-paid workers in the United States and understandably have lifestyles fitting their purse. If you are a healthcare professional and are computing the most acceptable disability insurance compensation, it is advisable that you avoid trying to get an amount that equals your salary. That is because in that case, the cost of your policy will shoot through the roof and before long you could find it unsustainable. This insurance is to cover you against any kind of disability that you may suffer due to illness or accident, preventing you from working and earning a livelihood. It ought to be just enough to meet your basic needs and pay your bills but not for lifestyle expenses.  

Doctors need to be more aware of disabilities

Most doctors and many healthcare professionals in general do not take healthcare professionals disability insurance with the seriousness it deserves. If you are under the impression that disability is caused only by accidents then you need to know that most disabilities are not caused by accidents but by illness. 

Even if you consider just accidents as the cause of disability, you need to know that your accident insurance will not cover you for disability. It will provide a one-time compensation that could go entirely on your treatment for accidental injuries. If you are not able to work for say, a year or more due to such injury you won’t get paid. How will you meet your basic expenses and pay your bills during this period? Through disability insurance services of course.  

Most disabilities are caused by illnesses 

According to a recent report, disabilities caused by automobile accidents account for just 3% of the total number of disabilities in America. Over 70% of the disabilities that people including those working from home and doing SEO in Queens, NY suffer are caused by neuropsychiatric disorders, cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, neoplasms, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, urogenital, blood, and endocrine diseases. 

It is likely that you are just too busy with your work and do not have the time to do your research disability insurance. However, you must not take the stand that disability is unlikely in your case. Here is another stat that is quite alarming – one in every four American working for a marketing agency in New Jersey in their 20s now will face some kind of disability in their lifetime.  

Speak to a reliable insurance advisor 

Healthcare professionals are unusually busy people more so in times of Covid-19 pandemic. That does not mean you can neglect the need for physicians disability insurance especially in the times we live in. Not being able to do the research before investing in such an insurance policy must not hold you back from looking at options. 

Speak to family and friends and ask if they know any reliable disability insurance broker advisor that they can recommend. If they can suggest anyone they are satisfied with, then you have less to worry about the credentials of the broker advisor. Still, do a simple search of the person on the web especially on review sites to see testimonials. 

That would make your choice much easier. Finally, you need to understand that this insurance is probably more important than your life insurance at this point of time when your livelihood depends entirely on your ability to work. Techcrams

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