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Can Umrah packages make your Umrah journey easier?

by Nathan Zachary
Can Umrah packages make your Umrah journey easier

Umrah packages are one of the best ways to secure your holy journey. There are many reasons to get travel packages. Nothing is easier than getting an Umrah package to join the less pilgrimage journey freely. Can Umrah packages make your Umrah journey easier? Yes, it is a safe and easy way to receive Allah’s grace in the holy land.

Here, you will get proper information about all aspects, whether it is good to think about Umrah packages or not.

An informative Checklist before deciding to go on Umrah:

  • Where should you stay while Umrah journey?
  • What are the must-see places during Umrah journey?
  • Check the weather forecast
  • What’re the best ways to explore Ziyarats (sacred places)?

Where should you stay while Umrah Journey?

Before contacting any travel agent, imagine where you should stay during Umrah. It is called lesser Hajj due to fewer rituals than Hajj. It is free of time frame because Hajj is not free of time frame. Some people do not know what Umrah is. It consists of only 4 activities, Ihram, Tawaf, Sa’i and Qasr. And Muslims don’t need to go anywhere except Mecca for them. But Medina is the second holiest land after Mecca because of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, we try our best to decide what the best accommodation for us throughout the trip is.

Always choose the hotels closest to both Al Haram and Al Nabawi mosques. You don’t want to miss offering an obligatory prayer in both mosques. 

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Why do people prefer the closest accommodation during Umrah?

From an authenticated hadith:

Offering one prayer in Al Nabawi mosque = 1000

………………………………… Al Haram mosque = 100,000

…………………………………. Al Aqsa mosque = 500

Hence, nobody wants to leave his daily prayer in both mosques while Umrah Journey. 

If one does not know what is the best place to stay then he has the option of Labbaik Hajj Umrah especially if he that is travelling from the UK.

What is the must-see during Umrah journey?

There are many points to refresh your faith because these points are directly related to our Islamic history. Most Muslims visit two cities in Saudi Arabia (Mecca and Medina).

The list given here should be enough for you to help you decide.

  1. Al Haram mosque
  2. Kaaba
  3. Safa and Marwa mounts
  4. Maqam Ibrahim
  5. Jannat ul Muallah Graveyard
  6. Birthplace of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  7. Cave Hira
  8. Jinn mosque
  9. Abu Qubais mount
  10. Al Nimra mosque
  11. Al Hudaibiyah mosque
  12. Tuwa Well
  13. The Kiswa Factory
  14. Mecca Museum
  15. Al Khayf mosque
  16. Zubaida Canal
  17. Cave Thawr
  18. Uhud Mountain
  19. Al Taneem mosque
  20. Quba mosque
  21. Al Nabawi mosque
  22. Jannat ul Baqi Graveyard
  23. Arafat 
  24. Muzdalifah
  25. Jammarat

Check the weather forecast:

Weather is an integral part of making any trip memorable. As we know, Umrah is a journey apart from worshipping in the al-Haram mosque. Any travel planning is a challenge as people often forget many things while travelling. It is more difficult when someone travels with family members. The weather forecast is the first point in deciding what you should pack or not. So, don’t forget to plan your trip according to the weather schedule before going on a trip.

Before planning to go on the Umrah journey, check out:

The climate is not the same in every corner of the world. Because it is different due to geographical distribution. Saudi Arabia is surrounded by 7 countries and 3 seas.

But most of Saudi Arabia’s climate is known as a desert climate. Where the daytime temperature is very high but it drops significantly at night. Therefore, people from the UK do not experience much cold weather during the peak winter months (December or January) there. But the daytime temperature here is very pleasant compared to other months. Therefore, choosing a month other than these two is equivalent to missing out on the experience of pleasant weather during the Umrah pilgrimage.

What’s the best way to explore Ziyarats (sacred places)?

Exploring holy places is the second step after Umrah. There is a long list of these places. The history of this Arabian Peninsula takes us back centuries. When Abraham left his wife and child alone in the desert land where the land of Mecca is today. During this journey, you can see the two stones that have descended to the ground.

These stones are called Black Stone and Maqam Ibrahim. If you are familiar with Saudi Arabia then there is no need for a guide as you will have visited these places in the past. But if it is the first time, getting the service of an Umrah guide while booking Umrah packages will be quite helpful.

The travel agent provides a reliable Umrah Guide that takes the responsibility of taking you to all the holy places that are already mentioned in the voucher. He also gives you a brief history of each place. You should book an Umrah guide in advance instead of getting involved in any discussion. This is the best way to see every visit to Saudi Arabia.

You need 5 to 6 hours to complete Umrah. Travel agencies offer different Umrah packages with different limits of stay such as 4-7-10 days etc.

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