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Can you wear sneakers in Ihram?

by Nathan Zachary
Can you wear sneakers in Ihram

We know this fact, it is impermissible for pilgrims to perform many things while they are in Ihram, like hunting. In this context, read this topic to know more information about, “Can you wear sneakers in Ihram?” A pilgrim must enter the holy state of Ihram before undertaking the Hajj and Umrah rituals. Pilgrims must enter this state after cleansing their bodies, dressing appropriately, and making the necessary preparations before crossing the Miqat.

It is not permissible for a Muhrim to wear shoes that completely or mostly cover his feet. Rather, he must wear sneakers that leave some of his feet exposed. Women can wear shoes during Umrah, as covering their feet is part of their hijab.

Wearing sneakers in the state of Ihram

When performing Umrah, a pilgrim should put on shoes that are easy to walk in both Tawaf and Sa’i. According to numerous narrations, one can wear any type of footwear during Umrah that does not cover the ankle. Such shoes that cover the pilgrim’s ankle and shoes that could cause injury to other people’s feet.

Some Hadiths state that “Khuffs,” which are leather shoes that cover the entire foot and a few inches of the leg as well, are not valid for Umrah performers. Umrah pilgrims may wear such types of shoes which do not cover their ankles.

For women performing the Umrah, sandals and slippers are the footwear of choice. They should not wear such footwear that becomes “slippery,” because it will be uncomfortable for them to walk in those shoes. Women can wear sneakers while completing Umrah since the hijab for women covers their feet.

But both men and women should attempt to avoid wearing shoes with laces when performing Umrah. Because doing so will need them to be put on and perform Wudu, which will take time and focus.

It is permissible to wear shoes during Umrah. So, don’t forget to pack your shoes along with your luggage while packing your travel bag. Secondly, be sure to collect your booked hotel vouchers from the respective agent who arranged your Umrah packages. Indeed, these points make your holy trip memorable.

What type of shoes is acceptable for the pilgrim during performing Hajj and Umrah?

There are numerous types of footwear that the pilgrim in Ihram is permitted to wear. They can be broadly divided into three categories:

• Anything that covers the entire foot as well as the ankles, boots that cover the ankle, army boots, etc. The wearing of such footwear is not permissible for pilgrims in Ihram. Because, according to many hadiths, the Prophet (PBUH) orders to prevent such shoes in Ihram.

• The sandal is a shoe with a sole that matches the size of the foot but leaves the tops, heels, and ankles uncovered. Wearing it is not wrong in any way (when in Ihram). It is confirmed in the Sunnah that wearing sandals to enter Ihram is recommended. According to the Hadith, The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Let one of you enter ihram wearing an Izar (waist wrapper or lower garments), rida’ (upper garment) and sandals.”

Narrated by Ahmad in his Musnad (8/500); classed as by Ibn Khuzaymah (2601)

Source link: https://islamqa.info/en/answers/219643/what-kind-of-shoes-is-it-permissible-for-the-pilgrim-in-ihram-for-hajj-or-umrah-to-wear

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• There is disagreement among scholars on whether a shoe covers the toes, the top of the foot, and the heel. But does not cover the ankles and may be worn while wearing the ihram. Since there is disagreement over whether it resembles a sandal or the khuffs (leather slippers). Some scholars think that because it covers the majority of the foot, it should be treated like the khuff and impermissible as such.

Others believe it falls within the same legal definition as sandals and is acceptable because it does not cover the ankles. The majority of scholars hold that it is forbidden to wear anything that covers the foot. Even if it does not cover the ankles, including footwear that covers the top of the foot or all of the front toes or heels.


Ihram is one of the main rituals of Hajj and Umrah. If a pilgrim wants to perform the holy journey to Makkah, it is the first condition to enter this sacred state. Many things are not valid during the state of Ihram, such as hunting and applying perfume.

A Muhrim (a person in Ihram) must wear footwear that exposes some of his feet. It is not permissible for him to wear shoes that entirely or substantially cover his feet.

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