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How to Tackle when the CANON Printer Offline Issue?

by Nathan Zachary
Canon printer offline

CANON Printer is one of the best printers for users who need to print documents quickly. It works on both Windows and Mac. CANON printer setup is so simple that even inexperienced users will have no trouble. However, many users complain that the CANON printer displays an offline status and are unaware of it. This problem primarily affects both operating systems. The CANON Printer Offline problem can occur for various reasons, some of which you may need to be aware of.

Why does my Canon Printer Keep Going Offline?

There are many reasons for the CANON Printer offline issue; these are:

  1. The printer and computer need to communicate appropriately.
  2. Outdated or corrupted printer driver.
  3. The printer spooler service is disabled or not running. 
  4. Network issue.
  5. When the default printer is not set.
  6. The printer’s firmware is outdated.
  7. The printer and the computer are not connected to the same network.

Methods for CANON Printer Offline Issue?

Method 1: Start the Diagnose and Repair program

Locate and launch Diagnose & Fix in the CANON Smart app for Windows and Mac computers.

  1. If you don’t already have it, get CANON Smart from the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store.
  2. Windows: In the bottom-left corner, click the Diagnose & Repair icon.
  3. macOS: Select the printer you want to specify, then go to Printers in the top menu bar and select Diagnose & Fix.
  4. Choose Start.

Note: Avoid turning off CANON Smart while the troubleshooter is running.

  • Use the CANON Smart app’s Start for Diagnose & Fix button. If there are any issues, follow the recommendations.
  • Diagnose & Fix results in the CANON Smart app
  • If the problem persists, select another option or contact CANON Customer Support to look for the specific issue error message you are experiencing.

Method 2: Re-add the Printer

To resolve the CANON Printer Offline problem, remove your printer from the print queue and re-add it.

  1. Scanners and printers found by searching for them in Spotlight, which can then open.
  2. After clicking the printer’s name or the Remove button, select Remove Printer or Delete Printer when prompted.
  3. Click Add Printer, Scanner, or Fax, then select your printer from the list.

Method 3: Reset Printing Preferences

Problems with incomplete driver configurations, connection issues, and queued print jobs resolve by restarting the printing system and determining the CANON printer offline issue.

Note: A printing system reset clears all print jobs, saves print settings, and removes all CANON and non-CANON printers and scanners. Following the completion of the reset, you must reconfigure each printer and scanner.

  1. Click the Spotlight icon, then search for and select Printers & Scanners.
  2. In the Printers list, right-click or click while holding Control. Then, to complete the reset, select Reset printing system.
  3. Select your printer from the list, then click Add Printer, Scanner, Fax, or the Add button.

Method 4: Install the most recent CANON printer drivers

  1. To begin, press Windows + I.
  2. Second, locate and launch Device Manager.
  3. Then, from the list of devices, select your printer.
  4. Now, right-click the device and select Update Driver Software or Update Driver from the menu.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. Restart your computer after the update and check for any problems.

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This blog presents you with the methods to fix the CANON Printer offline issue. We offer four ways that are easy to operate and resolve the issue. In this blog, you also learn about the reasons for the issue. However, if you encounter the same problem, you can contact the Experts to make it online again. Thank You!

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