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What Are The Cons Of Changing Your Tyres On Your Own?

by Nathan Zachary
Changing Your Tyres

Car owners always get excited when they get their new car. Driving for long hours, going to a different place, etc are always on the top of their mind. And it’s quite reasonable. 

We are also heavily dependent on our vehicles for our day-to-day activities and our car has to bear all the burden of that. Sometimes we put heavy weights in our vehicle and that comes under rough usage. All these things, although necessary, create some problems. It can wear down many parts of our car. 

Our car tyres are one of the things that come under the radar of these problems. They might bear more damage, get a puncture, etc, and might stop working at any time. Although you can always go to an expert, sometimes you might have to do it on your own. 

So, just picture this out.

You’ve successfully replaced your car with a pair of spanking new tyres Birmingham, and you’re all set to attack the highway! But, after only a few kilometres, you discover that something isn’t quite straight. Did you just put the tyres on your own? Is it possible to enlist the assistance of a neighbour? You may experience problems if your tyres were not put on by a specialist. Understand some of the most frequent post-tyre assembly issues, as well as how to resolve them.


Many automobiles already have four distinct wheel speeding sensing devices, one for each tyre. These parts keep track of your rotation speed and send it to the ABS (anti-lock braking system).

Suppose the ABS light sensor comes on even after you replace old tyres, it’s possible that some or all of these detectors were broken or damaged during the setup process. In that scenario, it’s probably a good idea to get your car checked to be certain that your wheel speeding sensor devices are still working Landsail Tyres Birmingham.


Do you really have to reprogramme or adjust the TPMS after installing new tyres? Most probably is the solution. If your tyre pressure level drops significantly, your TPMS, or tyre pressure monitoring system, alerts you. Even though some TPMS sensors are incorporated into the wheels speeding sensor and do not require reprogramming (provided all tyres had the same PSI prior to insertion), some will almost certainly require expert help.


If your automobile wiggles after you’ve put your new tyres, it’s possible that they weren’t properly under balance before being on your car. There seems to be an inherent unfairness of load on your car’s rotating wheels whenever tyre instability develops, which can produce disturbances, early tyre wear, and, in extraordinary situations, long-term harm to your vehicle’s rear suspension.

After putting in new tyres, weak wheels might force your car to wobble or shake. After fitting, tighten the wheels to the standards of the company. If you don’t, you could end yourself with a wheel-off problem down the street.

If your car is swaying or trembling once you remove your old tyres, we recommend reconstructing and examining them right away. You may assist minimize unnecessary harm to yourselves, your automobile, and the new tyres by swiftly correcting this problem.


Tyre Is Incorrect

If your automobile leans one way when you install the new tyres, the first thing you should do is verify your tyre pressure. Tyres having less or more pressure level, can influence roadway traction, fuel efficiency, wear and tear, and lead your car to lean to one edge when travelling.

Find the appropriate tyre pressure for your car and make sure it’s correct.

Pump up the newest tiers to reasonable amounts if the PSI is wrong.

Problems with Wheel Alignment

Vehicle pulls after installing the new tyres can also indicate imbalance issues, despite the fact that misalignment could be the consequence of poor driving situations, striking a hole, or a variety of other circumstances. While wheel alignments aren’t important when putting in new tyres, failing to do so can have major consequences.

Your smooth driving ability can be under problem if your tyres are not properly under alignment. It’s possible that you’ll observe uneven tyre damage and poor handling. After you’ve come across this issue, your best option is to get your car straight as rapidly as possible by a skilled expert.


Do you have problems with the new tyre setup? For almost all of your tyre needs, go to your local brake shop or garage. We’ll check your tyres for free!


Our garage’s expert tyre installation solutions are also in support of our triple guarantee, which guarantees that your tyre replacement will be there correctly the first time or we’ll repair it for complimentary. Book your appointment now and let us do the hard work! Also, get the best Landsail Tyres Birmingham.

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