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Chemical Face Peels For Beautiful Skin

by Nathan Zachary

What are chemical face peels?

Chemical face peels do just what they say – they peel the skin of the face by using an acid based solution allowing smoother, brighter skin to shine through. The Pigmentflecken entfernen outer layers of the skin are removed along with certain skin problems such as:









A chemical peel is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is very effective and safe. Evidence also suggests that they can actually lower the chances of skin cancer developing.

Where do chemical face peels originate?

Some of the most common facial peels used today contain acids from foods (e.g. glycolic acid and lactic acid). However, food acids were used as early as the Romans and Cleopatra to peel skin from their faces. At the turn of the twentieth century wealthy Europeans were undergoing chemical peels in beauty clinics using concoctions containing weak acids.

During the 1950s dermatologists were using peels containing phenol to treat patients with scars and wrinkles. Recently, Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) has made a comeback as the main acid used in skin peels. There are more effective acids that can be found in skin peels but TCA is regarded as a safe option as it is relatively mild meaning that there is much less chance of side effects developing.

Are chemical face peels suitable for me?

Face peels are suitable for most skin types. They are used by both the young (i.e. to help acne) and the old (to help fine lines and wrinkles) and many people in between. They are suitable for dealing with nearly all skin care problems including but not limited to those conditions mentioned at the beginning of this article.

However, certain people need to be careful when deciding whether to carry out a facial peel and it is recommended that they research the decision carefully. A chemical peel can result in changes to the pigment in the skin in rare cases. This is why any good and legitimate salon, dermatologist or home application product will require a user to do a test on a small patch of skin before applying the peel to their whole face.

Are chemical face peels safe to use?

People have been using face peels for many years. There are countless success testimonials from men and women of all ages who are delighted with the results they have achieved after using an acid peel.

Chemical peels will only remove the outer layers of the skin and will not reach the layers below the epidermis.

However, very occasionally there are reports of people reacting adversely to a peel with symptoms such as burning, swelling and itching. This is why a peel Microdermabrasion should always be tested on a small area of skin for four or five days before use.

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