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Chetan Rana – A Man of Manifold Greatness

by Nathan Zachary

India is a country of great people. For ages, it is the birthplace of the many great kings, leaders and social workers. In modern India, Chetan Rana is the name of another great personality who works rigorously for the betterment of humankind. He is a youth icon for today’s generation. He not only helps people but also encourages the young generation of the country to come forward and do the needful work. He is a man of diligence, sincerity and ethics. He dedicatedly works toward the poor people. Along with that, his company helps the people in many other ways. His customer service company is a major solution for unemployment as well as it provides jobs to the young generation. 

So, if you want to know more about the activities of Chetan Rana, then keep reading the following write-up. 

  • Social Work: Chetan Rana as the social worker is a very well-known personality. There are many people who consider him the godfather. He distributes winter clothes in the slum and village areas of Delhi NCR to keep the people safe from the chilly winds. He is so generous that he makes it very easy for the people to ask him for any help. If anyone needs any kind of help, he or she can contact him directly without any hesitation. Apart from that, he organizes monthly health check-up camps in different areas. He makes sure the elderly people, women and children get proper support in health and wellness. The social work he does towards the well-being of the locality. 
  • Youth Icon: Chetan Rana knows that his individual work is not sufficient as the number of needy people is quite big. For that reason, he inspires the people, especially the young generation to come forward and bring their best to serve the poor belt of India. He does not only say those things but also does the same so that people take him seriously. He is the youth icon who believes in doing the right thing for the sake of others. He believes that if the young generation thinks like him, the world will be a different place. Everyone can help someone within their limit. You don’t need to be in a good place financially, but still, you can do many things to make others happy. In this way, more and more people will join in this charitable mission
  • Entrepreneur: Chetan Rana is not only a social worker, he is a successful businessman as well. Though he has started his career as a network engineer and within a few months he was promoted due to his efficiency. However, this does not quench his thirst as he always wants to do something of his own. For that reason, he has started his company. Initially, it was a small company but with time, it is grown into a successful, venture with much employee strength. He provides employment to many eligible and educated people. In this way, Chetan Rana proves that he is a generous soul who can think positively for the betterment of society.     

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