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China Overseas Port Holding Company in Gwadar

by Nathan Zachary
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A report published China Overseas Port Holding Company by Gwadar Pro on Saturday said that. Gwadar is undergoing a transformational period that has borne fruit under China-led development. Compared to the past, Gwadar has seen promising. and positive changes in terms of its prospects and public life. It is still in a phase of extraordinary change. The people of Gwadar are seeing changes in their living standards, livelihoods. businesses, and socio-economic dynamics, according to the report. Indeed, the credit goes to China-led development.

Commercial torchbearer for Pakistan

It is true that Gwadar has transformed from a small fishing town into a center for trade and tourism. development will be a gradual and time-consuming process. and it is safe to say that China Overseas Port Holding Company Gwadar will become the commercial torchbearer for Pakistan. The transformation of infrastructure during this period. largely began in the early days of port construction. and was later exacerbated by the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The period from 2015 was a particularly important turning point for Gwadar. thanks to the Belt and Road Initiative. Apart from operating the ports, China has taken several initiatives in Gwadar. East Bay Expressway (EBEW), New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA). China-Pakistan Vocational and Technical Training Institute (PCVTI). 300-bed China-Pakistan Friendship Hospital, 1.2 million gallons per day (MGD) desalination plant. part of a Chinese-funded scheme , among many other infrastructure development projects.

Manufacturing process

Many of these projects such as EBEW and PCVTI are in the works. Since China’s takeover of the Gwadar port in 2013. many direct and indirect benefits have provided to the local community. Many job opportunities offered. The continuous manufacturing process, especially in the Gwadar Free Zone. will create thousands of additional jobs. Moreover, indirectly, Gwadar benefited greatly. The city’s real estate and construction sectors are seeing a strong boost. The tourism sector is in the limelight thanks to the unplanned marketing by CPEC. In addition to infrastructure development. Gwadar sees several social welfare programs such as. the Women’s Development Center in Gwadar. that aims to develop skills, empower women, and alleviate poverty.

Shipments processed annually

Moreover, the planned projects can make the local population self-sufficient. In addition, China has so far installed more than 7,000 solar panels in Gwadar district. providing efficient power supply for local users. Gwadar Port has an excellent capacity to handle containers. bulk cargo and LPG vessels. Hundreds of thousands of shipments processed annually. Recently a dedicated web service (webbook). has launched to speed up the customs clearance process. Gwadar Free Zone has more than 50 Pakistani. and international companies registered and in operation. The field of manufacturing and processing ranges from agriculture to trade. food processing, chemical fertilizers, mineral processing, and agricultural production.

latest technology

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, scientific laboratories in the free zone. work selflessly with the latest technology to explore new species of plants. that are perfectly suited to the Gwadar environment. Growing other seemingly impossible plants. such as the fig and king grass, has enabled local farmers to explore. new avenues for their livelihood. Apart from managing commercial activities. the Port of Gwadar and its free zone concessionaire. and operator, China Overseas Holding Corporation China Overseas Port Holding Company has many initiatives in the social sector both inside and outside the port premises. Managed by COPHC the Fakir Colony Chinese-Pakistan Girls High School. has proven to be very successful in the field of education. Women’s clothing factories. and goat farms in the free zone are a source of livelihood for local workers. in addition to technical progress.

Institutional efficiency of Gwadar

In addition, Chinese companies operating in Gwadar communicate with their local brethren. within the framework of corporate social responsibility. During the floods earlier this year. families outside Gwadar contacted by the Young Children’s Welfare Center. Distributing food to 1,000 affected families. Fishing nets given to local fishermen. Apart from social services. China has also made efforts to increase. the institutional efficiency of Gwadar. Gwadar police provided with motorcycles. and laptops to increase their productivity. In pursuit of clean and green Gwadar. the China-Pakistan Friendship Forest has created with more than 50,000 plants. This improved the natural environment of Gwadar.

Construction of the breakwater

These banana varieties are not the end. With the construction of the breakwater, the completion of the port dredging. and the opening of the international airport. Gwadar Port will truly become a driving force for the economic development of Pakistan. With the start of industrialization of the free zone. Pakistan will emerge as a production center in South Asia. Exports will increase Pakistan’s current account deficit will narrow. and foreign exchange reserves will increase.

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