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How to Choose the Perfect In-Ground Light Fixture for Your Yard

by Nathan Zachary

In-ground light fixtures are often overlooked by homeowners, but they shouldn’t be. In-ground light fixtures can make your home look incredibly chic, clean, and modern while also providing ample illumination at night. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for In-Ground Light Fixtures to give your yard that extra glow it needs and deserves!

Why In-Ground Lights

Ground lights are an excellent way to make your yard more welcoming and safe. These lights can be installed in a variety of areas, like pathways, driveways, sidewalks, and gardens. They are also easy to install with different types of fixtures that are available.

When Installing In-Ground Lights, there are different factors to take into consideration. These include not only where you’ll install them, but also what types of fixtures are available and which ones work best for your needs. The size and shape of your yard and garden also play an important role when choosing a lighting solution.

The Benefits Of In-Ground Lights

In-Ground Lights are a great way to both improve the safety and look of your home. Ground lights are often used in conjunction with other outdoor lighting solutions. It is important not only to choose the correct light fixture for your needs but also what type of power source you require. LED and solar-powered ground lights offer a multitude of benefits including energy efficiency, longevity, and convenience.

Types of In-Ground Lights: There are several different types of In-Ground Lights available, each offering its unique benefits. Flood lights illuminate a large area and create a safe space around your home. Pathway lights are ideal if you want to delineate your driveway or other paths. Area lighting highlights certain areas like trees or shrubs, adding interest to your yard. Be sure you know what type of fixture is right for you before deciding on a particular light source.

Choosing An In-Ground Lighting Fixture

There are many things you need to consider when purchasing a fixture, such as its color, installation type, and style. Luckily, there are plenty of fixtures available at your local hardware store that can help you choose the perfect one. The first thing you should look at is where in your yard you would like it installed. If you have an in-ground light switch, then installing a recessed ground light is a great option. If not, then a pathway light or an underground light might work better for you.

Choosing an in-ground fixture requires you to take into consideration how much light output you need. In-Ground Lights are designed so that it lights up your entire yard or garden and is meant to be placed at eye level. The average in-ground fixture, such as pathway lighting and spotlights, will produce an approximately one-foot candle of light on level ground which is enough light for most yards or gardens. If you want more powerful lights then invest in a security floodlight that produces anywhere from two-foot candles and higher.

Install In-Ground Lighting

Installing in-ground lighting is a great way to add ambiance and security to your yard. For example, installing downlights around your pool will make it feel like an oasis at night. Additionally, you can install In-Ground Lights LED or solar-powered path lights that are motion activated and provide safety while you walk around your property. These are just a few of the many ways you can utilize this type of fixture to enhance your outdoor living space.

Ground, lights provide an excellent option for outdoor lighting. Installing In-Ground Light Fixtures allows you to add lighting fixtures that are out of reach from conventional spotlights. For example, if you want spotlights around your pool, but don’t want unsightly poles and wires detracting from your beautiful backyard, installing in-ground lighting is a great option. In-Ground Lights can also be used as accent lights by installing them around garden pathways or placed at various points in your yard at ground level.

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