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Cloud Print Management System – No Stone Left Unturned

by Nathan Zachary
Cloud Print Management

The power of distributed computing will never fade away, and the cloud will further aid it. The cloud has touched almost every aspect of business technology, and you can’t keep it out of the game. Various cloud-based applications have penetrated the business arena and changed business functionality patterns. Cloud-based printing is one such application that has earned respect in the printing industry. The term is yet to be explored by various industry leaders; however, smart industry players are reaping its advantages. This post will leave no stone unturned regarding the cloud print management system. Keep scrolling to learn more!

What is cloud print management?

Cloud print management or cloud printing refers to putting a print job into a cloud service and pulling it for the print using the software. The cloud service or the software can be used on an individual printing device to pull the job and print it. It can help you add more flexibility to your printing tasks and improve the entire printing infrastructure.

With centralized driver management, cloud printing is hard to resist – especially in the current-day printing industry. Printing tasks are secure with this technology, and you can also streamline the user experience. You can share documents/print jobs with different team members, and they can print them whenever a hard copy is needed.

How does cloud printing work?

Understanding the working mechanism of cloud printing is not that complicated. All you need is to read it and memorize a few steps for the next time you want to capitalize on this opportunity. The user’s device sends the print job data to a cloud service/cloud application. The system can push the print job to a web-enabled printer directly or transmit it via software connection to a legacy device, depending on the printing device the user needs.

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The cloud server handles the hard work of converting digital data into information that even aging printers can process, comprehend, and employ for output. Organizations may better regulate document workflows for printing, capturing, and other purposes with the help of cloud printing.

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Why should you go to the cloud?

Combining an on-premise printing solution with cloud connectivity should make a point. Many would ask the question: Why should we consider the transition in the first place? Well, here is the answer! Cloud printing has multiple advantages and some of which are discussed here:

i) Streamlined printing:

Adding more value to your printing endeavors requires bringing a multi-purpose printer to the office. However, cloud connectivity is another crucial element that can streamline your printing activities. Talk about time efficiency or printing efficiency with no reworks; cloud printing is the perfect solution.

ii) Automatic software update:

Using software and drivers is mandatory for cloud printing. What if you don’t know how to update the software or drivers? Don’t worry, as automatic software and driver update are friendly options here. Let the cloud worry about it if you don’t have a technical background.

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iii) Enhanced connections to colleagues:

If some of your colleagues work from home, you must never worry about their connection. Office documentation often takes a regular connection among all crew members, and the cloud can help you with that. Home employees will stay connected to the office printing infrastructure to streamline printing tasks and other business-related activities.

iv) Mobile printing:

Your laptop is running out of battery, but you need the print quickly. What is a better option than a mobile print available? Cloud printing aids printing from users’ mobile devices, even if they are away from the office.

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Why prefer it over traditional printing?

Traditional printing tasks are good, but they are complex to manage. Moreover, they are also prone to mistakes which can lead to a waste of time and resources. What if the system collapses due to high print volumes? The best idea is to prefer cloud printing over traditional printing and get rid of the following issues:

  • High costs: Traditional printing is prone to technical issues like toner problems, paper jams and system collapse. These activities can result in a higher maintenance cost.
  • Driver/software management: Managing drivers and software is a complex yet technical task in traditional printing. You will ask for help and pay money if you don’t have technical skills.
  • Single failure point: If your printing server goes down, your entire line of activities will get compromised.

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Set up your office for future printing!

The future is almost here, and you should improve your printing tasks. Improvisation is needed if you are still stuck in the traditional methods, and it will only come by if you contact reliable printer rental companies. Call them today and browse their collection of MFPs for your office!

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