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CLX Gaming Continues With Its Tradition Of Delivering The Best Custom Built Laptops

by Nathan Zachary

5 years ago, I decided to get myself a desktop-replacement laptop from CLX Gaming. I am very happy with it, and it is still operational, so I wasn’t sure I needed a fresh laptop. The thing is some of the parts were no longer considered “last gen”, and the old chassis can’t hold another sticker. Moreover, I will be hitting the road pretty soon and I want to have something that allows me to handle anything I might encounter without missing a beat.

So, I decided to get a brand new custom-built laptop from CLX Gaming again, and see how it compares to my old rig.

Does CLX Gaming Make Good PCs?
Their Osiris line is inspired by the Egyptian god of the underworld and executioner. It is a fitting theme for this rig as it is basically built to get you up and running as soon as you fire it up.

The first thing I noticed is that CLX Gaming now locked all their options to 17-inch screens. I was worried it was going to be too bulky or heavy. Fortunately, that was not the case. The chassis is solid metal, so it feels and looks amazing. It also brings a lot more USB ports than any commercial laptop I have ever seen. This is an outstanding feat, considering that it packs a desktop-level GPU and enough power to run production software efficiently.

My old rig was quite powerful, with an overclocked Skylake Core 17-6700K and a GTX 1080, also overclocked. But CLX Gaming revised their systems and now allows you to configure them to run i9-11900K for those who need a true portable workhorse and are not worried about power consumption. In the graphics department, there is enough space under the hood to fit a GeForce RTX 3080 if you find it. Fortunately, CLX Gaming seems to be always well supplied with the latest components, so they were able to set my custom-built laptop with the RTX 3060 without pumping up the price.

CLX Gaming also installs a Killer E2500 on their gaming rigs for good measure. It provides the user with a great way to manage QoS prioritization and allows you to use multiple interfaces simultaneously. Say you want your ethernet connection exclusively for gaming and your wireless link for updates or torrenting. The Killer E2500 makes this possible and drastically reduces ping times so you are always streaming like a pro.

The Osiris custom-built laptop is also VR-ready, easily exceeding the recommended requirements for all of the apps and games I regularly use. It also accepts up to 64GB RAM, but I didn’t feel the need to go that far so I went for 32GB.

Ths system accepts two M.2 SSD drives for faster loads and efficient storage, which is extremely useful for video editing duties and carrying my library everywhere I go.

One thing some might not like is the system´s weight. The thing is heavy and draws a lot of power. However, this is a desktop-replacement rig and it is designed to provide desktop-level performance anywhere. I love carrying it as part of my work gear, as it allows me to stay on the move and still enjoy my favorite games or keep producing project deliverables without a hiccup. Moreover, these give me enough PC power and pride to allow me to stay away from the Apple crowd.

Overall, I´m very satisfied with these Osiris custom-built laptops, and I know this new rig will help me cruise smoothly through the next 5 years. So, yes, CLX Gaming makes extremely well-built PCs and laptops.

If you want a powerful desktop replacement laptop, check out CLX Gaming and their incredible Osiris custom-built laptops.

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