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Come let’s have a cup of Herbal Spice Tea together!

by Nathan Zachary

Chai is one of the beverages that has gained popularity among all age groups of people. After the CTC tea, herbal spice tea is considered one of the best healthy drinks to relax from a stressful life. It detoxifies your body as it contains different ingredients combined with herbal Assam leaves. The herb tea is the perfect blend of herbs, spices, flowers, leaves, roots, etc. A small change in your cup of tea can alter your entire lifestyle. It can help your body with all the necessary nutrients, and keep it healthy and refreshing throughout. It has antioxidant properties with adequate minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that provide you with mental relaxation. Several spices can be blended into your tea completely, depending on you and your taste bud, you can include them in your cup.

Some of the common spices are Ginger, cloves, mint, chamomile, cinnamon, hibiscus, etc. The common benefits are as follows:

Improves immune system

Herbal spice tea contains antioxidants that help to fight several diseases and boost your immune system. Some of the antioxidants are ginger, honey, turmeric, etc. It increases the body’s immunity that fight with the unwanted substances and lowers the risk of incurable diseases.

Acts as a cleanser

The herbal tea blended with the spices helps to detoxify your body. With the amount of oily food we eat, during the festive season and the regular wedding season, to overcome it, the proper beverage is a must. The herbal elements in the tea remove the unwanted toxic substances in the body and keep it healthy.

Helps in weight loss 

Weight loss is something everyone desires to do. No matter whether you are slim or chubby, you will want to lose some more calories. Herbal spice tea helps you in weight loss. The ingredients added to it, like lemon, ginger, and honey burn your fat and boost your metabolism.

Reduces inflammation

The herbal spice tea acts as an anti-inflammatory which reduces gastrointestinal disease helps in Constipation, reduces headaches, and relaxes your upset stomach. The ingredients like ginger, lemon, and turmeric, reduce inflammation in the body.

Relives stress

The herbal tea has properties that relax the brain. It helps the insomniac people by fighting tension and worries. The lavender in the herbal spice tea helps you with sound sleep. Sleep is important for the brain to relax. Herbal tea is the new trend among healthy people .one cup after dinner is all you need for a sound sleep.

Good for skin

Herbal spice tea is a boon for all the girls. Girls can relate to it, how important it is to keep your face clear and glowing. Herbal tea with its unique properties helps you look young and reduces pimples. The regular usage of it gives you flawless skin.

Tea is something you can’t live without. What can make you happier when a cup of tea that provides you with so many benefits. The spice tea contains all the beneficial ingredient, one need to boost the immune system, relax the brain and look impeccable. So, next time when want to drink tea, choose herbal spice tea rather than CTC. Be fit, live strong, and look healthy. 

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