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Class 12 Commerce Online Classes- VidyaSetu

by Nathan Zachary
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Are you confused about which CBSE Class 12 Commerce Online classes you should join? You can find all about commerce Video Lectures in this article.

Students often get perplexed while looking for classes online at the present time. Lack of trust and experience thereupon leave them skeptical to join online classes. As this point has been noted , this article is a perfect guide to finding out which is the best class 12th commerce online coaching.

Class 12 is crucial to every student, not just because it is the final standard but also has immense importance during college admissions. The Board Exams result are important for all the students in the long run as the college gives admission based on their percentage which should be above 90%. However, Class 12 involves practicals and project work which could also be difficult for students if not done at the right time.

Commerce is one stream that can be opted by the students in 11th grade, they to continue to study the chosen stream in 12th grade as well. Hence, it is important for students to make a mindful decision while choosing their subject and must also consider their likability for the subject.

Class 12 Commerce Curriculum

Notably, Class 12 Commerce is the most opted stream among other streams like Arts or science. Students who are interested in subjects like History, Geography or psychology usually opted arts. Students who are interested in medical, engineering or research and analysis field opt science. Those students who are interested in the field of finance chose the commerce stream. The subjects taught in commerce stream is business studies, accountancy and economics.

Moreover, the class 12 commerce syllabus has three compulsory subjects and other optional subjects. Students can choose any optional subject as per the choices given by the respected schools. Although most students choose either mathematics or Informational practices (IP).

Compulsory SubjectsOptional Subjects
Business StudiesMathematics
AccountancyInformation practices

Things To keep in mind before joining class 12 Commerce Online Classes

Below are the few factors to know before going joining any commerce online classes for class 12.

  1. Experienced Faculty- In every student’s education, teacher and mentors play the most important role. Teachers are guiding force to the students and should themselves be experienced enough to guide every student properly.
  2. Free of Cost- Privileged students have all facilities from private tutor to schools, but you should join those online classes which do not have any difference between the rich or poor. The CBSE class 12 online curriculum is already difficult for students, hence, at least classes should be provided free of cost. The Vidya Setu online classes educates all by keeping their classes free of cost.
  3. Device Agnostic- The classes should be device-friendly and should be able to run at any specific time period. The commerce online classes must be available to all and should run on all devices.
  4. Study Material- The online classes which you will join must also provide you with study material for preparation. So that you do not waste your time looking for notes, solutions, or mock test papers.
  5. Opportunity – 12th standard has a lot of opportunities for students which they can take and build a better future. Although with temporary closure with schools the CBSE class 12 online classes can also provide various opportunities to the students.
  6. Problem Solving- Online classes must be efficient in problem solving 24*7. Class 12 is a tough grade that focuses more on the technical part of each subject and this can lead to numerous doubts and problems. Problem-solving should be efficient enough so that no student struggles with their problems.

Vidya Setu – Commerce Online Classes

Vidya Setu provides the class 12 Commerce online classes such that students can easily understand how to prepare for board exams. It has 200+ Video Lectures on commerce subjects including every topic. All three compulsory subjects such as Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics are available at Vidya Setu Online classes. The Chapterwise and topic-wise video lectures are available in shorter videos such that students can learn more in less period of time.

Class 12 commerce lectures at Vidya setu are taught by experienced teachers who are immensely resourceful in the field of Commerce. They are gaining experience through teaching hundreds of students. The CBSE Class 12 students can learn from Vidya Setu at absolutely free of cost. The students do not have to sign in or register anywhere to attend Vidya setu online classes. While student can subscribe to their YouTube Channel


Students are often looking for 12th commerce online classes free so that they can save money and invest in their future studies. The Vidya Setu is the best option available to the students as it not only provides the Class 12 Commerce Video lectures but also free study material in downloadable links. Moreover, it provides the NCERT solutions, NCERT books, notes, CBSE sample papers and other mock test papers.

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