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Vaping Problems: 3 Common Vaping Mistakes to Avoid | elux bar 3500 flavours

by Nathan Zachary
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Vaping is loved worldwide due to numerous reasons. Starting from its efficiency of delivering nicotine to your body in a safer way, the variety of E-liquid flavours like 88 vape the vape industry offers, elux bar 3500 flavours the great visual appeal of vapour clouds, and so many others. Whilst most vapers enjoy their vaping experience to the best, some don’t feel the same. Why is that? Some do-to and not-to-do things can make and break your overall vaping experience. In this article, we’ll highlight three not-to-do vaping mistakes you should be aware of not doing if you want to make the best of vaping. Read below to find out.

Three Mistakes Every Vaper Should Avoid:

Cigarette users often start by using a vape in the same way they used to smoke. However, vaping is a little technical. And why not? The modern world opts for new technology with every passing day. But let’s not misunderstand technical with complexity. Vaping is not complex or challenging. However, it would be best if you took care of the following things to enjoy your best time vaping.

Choosing the Wrong Vaping Device:

There are many vaping devices such as disposable vapes like aroma king vape, vape Pod systems, vape Mod systems, vape pens in verity such as you can get many elux bar 3500 flavours etc. Before investing in a vape device, ask yourself some things:
  • Am I vaping only to fulfil my nicotine craving? Or do I love the visuals of vaping too? If your heart nods for both. Vape Mods systems are the perfect pick for you. You can set personalized nicotine, VG, PG, and flavour in the E-liquid of vape Mod systems. They complement high VG the best as they are sub-ohm devices.
  • Am I only vaping for flavour and for satisfying my nicotine buzz? (I’m not too fond of too many vape clouds) if yes, then vape Pod systems are an ideal choice for you. They work best with low VG and high PG ratio E-liquids.
  • Am I sure what I want? (If you don’t know what flavour or what nicotine level will work for you) invest in vape starter kits. These kits are made for new shifters to understand their needs and want in vaping.

Not Priming The Coil:

One of the worst experiences a vaper can have is a burnt hit. When you take a burnt hit, It feels like inhaling some burnt cotton particles into your lungs. Why does it happen? The primary reason behind burnt hits is not priming the coil. When you start a vape device or replace E-liquid with a new one, the coil needs some time to soak in before producing vapour. After turning the device on, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes for absorption so that you won’t feel the unpleasant burning sensation in your respiratory system.

Vaping With Wrong Nicotine Level:

A vape’s fundamental function is to beat a smoker’s nicotine cravings. If you don’t set your nicotine level right, you’ll still feel the nicotine craving hitting you even after finishing all the E-liquid on your vape device elux bar 3500 flavours. Suppose you smoke one complete pack of cigarettes a day. The approximate amount of nicotine you’ll be needing is 18 to 20mg. But if you invest in a vape device containing 10mg nicotine, you’ll keep taking puffs for the whole day, and still, the cravings will not be satisfied, making you exhausted. On the other hand, if you invest in an appropriate vape device with the right nicotine level. A few puffs will be enough for you to fulfil the needed nicotine buzz.


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