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 Common Truck Towing Mistakes And How to Prevent Them 

by Nathan Zachary
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Towing trucks are life saviors in difficult and desperate situations when all of a sudden, your car refuses to move. You might have noticed that cars always break down at odd times or in the middle of nowhere where one cannot find any possible help but, calling a tow truck can prevent you from a lot of hassle. But not all towing companies are as reliable as Towing company Winnipeg and can make mistakes when they tow your vehicle, resulting in further damages and unwanted expenses. In this article, we have highlighted some of the most common mistakes that tow truck towing services usually make. We will also go through the tips that can prevent you from such unwanted situations

Wrong Weight Distribution

The first and most common mistake the tow truck makes is that they miscalculate the weight of the customers’ vehicles and also their trucks. Without any doubt, towing trucks are strong and massive, but they cannot ignore the laws of physics. They miscalculate the weight which results in further damage and puts a dent in your fences. It is better to determine the weight of the tow truck and the automobile that is about to get towed before delivering the service. 

Not Checking and Maintaining Brakes 

Brakes are considered to be the most important components of any vehicle. When it comes to towing trucks it becomes more important to properly check and maintain brakes. There are chances that towed cars suffer further damage when the brakes are not properly checked and maintained. This is probably the most evident mistake in that tow truck drivers neglect the health of brakes and oil. As the tow trucks are designed to carry massive weights so they cannot afford to have faulty brakes. Faulty brakes can lead to further damage. We recommend having a proper check and balance of the brake system including brake oil before leaving the garage.

Check Tire Pressure

Just like checking and maintaining the brakes, checking the tire pressure is also important. And the tow truck drivers should consider it a ritual before leaving. It is essential because low-tier pressure can result in an accident or it can also fail to move towed car due to its weight. Apart from this tow truck tires can also burst or puncture, causing more problems. The tow trucks are supposed to rescue other vehicles during emergencies so they need to properly check the tire pressure to avoid any further problems. For the safety of tow trucks and damaged cars, it is important to check the tire pressure. 

Right Ball Mount

When the car is towed, mostly it is done through ball mounts. Ball mounts are devices that can help to tow a car with a truck. There are three basic sizes of balls -25/16 inches, 17/8 inches, and 2 inches each is designed for different weighting so you need to make sure that you use the right ball. There are companies that compromise on this particular equipment to provide you with fast service. A ball mount meant for a light vehicle will never tow a truck so, it is important to consider the right type of ball mount when it is required. 

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As we know that two trucks are machines that are meant to move massive weights, so wearing and tearing down the line can happen at any time. Tow trucks are machines that require proper lubrication but most companies neglect this important factor and they fail to maintain their trucks. No company would want its two trucks to brake down in the middle of the road but it can happen when you don’t keep your tow truck lubricated. To prevent such embarrassing circumstances you should properly follow the lubrication ritual. Apart from this you should also replace and repair the required parts when they wear out.

Using Inappropriate Equipment 

You might face troubles if your equipment doesn’t match or support the towing operation before you. The two truck drivers should thoroughly read the owner’s manual to have an understanding of how much weight their vehicle can safely tow. In case you exceed the limit you should prepare yourself for some unfortunate events. Towing more than the given limit can result in accidents. Professional tow drivers know the useability and limitations of equipment in use. 

Ignoring Local Regulations

The towing laws mostly vary from one country to another or better from one state to the other. In case you fail to comply with local towing laws, it can cause trouble for you. Most of the local laws for towing services are designed following the geographic setting of the area and traffic patterns. For instance, in some states, it is important to have safety chains that connect trailers with two trucks. Taillights are also important for a tow truck to have as this will help other vehicles on the road. It can be harmful to you if you act outside the local laws. 

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Driving With Low Visibility

You might have heard that it is better to be late than ever. It indicates the fact that it is harmful to drive fast when you don’t have proper visibility. A few basic maneuvers, for instance, braking, making turns, and changing the lens need proper visibility. So, it is important to drive in proper visibility. Apart from this, you should also avoid vehicles that are not meant for towing. We would recommend a partner that can guide you to have a safe drive. 

Final Thoughts

We have enlisted some of the most common mistakes that people make while using towing services. When you need towing services you should keep these things in mind to avoid any further problems. You should be more responsible when you tow a truck. As this will ensure the safety of your truck as well as the vehicle that is being towed. We hope that this blog will be useful for you. Read It to avoid any further mistakes 

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