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A Comprehensive Guide to SEO Article Writing in 2022

by Nathan Zachary
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There is no greater buzz on the digital scape than SEO writing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an interesting and important phenomenon. In layman’s words – SEO is the process you use to improve your site so that it increases the visibility when people search for products or services related to your business in search engines like Google or Bing. Currently, SEO has changed the overall marketing scenario worldwide. One of the best ways you can use SEO is through writing. Content writing services are experts providing SEO solutions to several companies and brands. There are a few tips and tricks for using SEO in writing. If you are a writer, you must know those to match up with your SEO writing standards. The SEO content writing service provides amazing solutions that will take up your business to great heights. So, if you are a writer and are looking for a career opportunity in the SEO writing spectrum, here’s what you need to know.

What is SEO Optimised Articles?

To understand the basics of SEO article writing service one must know what it actually is. So, before you write one, you must exactly know what SEO optimized articles are. For a better understanding, here is a breakdown of SEO and Content in two different parts.

  • SEO: It is optimizing your website, services, or products in such a way that you appear on the search engine each time someone searches for anything related to your brand.
  • Content: It is the detailed information that you share with your audience in the forms of texts (articles and blogs), videos, images, infographics, etc.

To put it in simple words, an SEO article is a piece of information you share with your audience for better traffic to your website.

Tips to SEO Optimised Articles:

  1. Focus on your Forte
  2. Your business has certain strengths that your competitors do not. So, make sure you create content based on your strengths. This way, you can create unique articles that will draw more organic traffic. Also, more unique the topic, the better can you write on it to highlight the positive aspect of your company.

  3. Keywords are Key
  4. When you have niched down your topic, you must now find relevant keywords. They help the audience to reach you directly without much ado. This way, you promote both organic traffic and cause a buzz in your website article. Key factors to choose keywords are –

    Φ Choose popular keywords that will improve the article’s rank.

    Φ Choose various types of keywords to cover your content holistically.

    Φ Do not use unnecessary keywords that aren’t pertinent to your article but popular in general.

    Φ Choose keywords that are easy to fit into your article.

  5. Choose Comprehensive Content
  6. Undoubtedly you must focus on the quality of an article. However, that does not mean your article will be too glamorous for a majority of the audience. The article is not a research paper that will cater to a group of people. So, make sure you choose an easily comprehensible article for your website. There are many articles writing services that provide amazing writing solutions.

  7. Incorporate Attractive Anecdotes
  8. Make the article attractive with anecdotes like digital sketches, quotes, etc. You can also add images, infographics, or videos that will enhance the readability of the website. A presentable website is what attracts people. Remember, in the case of a website, the first impression holds a lot of importance, So, make sure your audience not only gets the best quality write-up but also a presentable page.

  9. Build External Links
  10. Links are important for SEO ranking factors while optimizing articles. Linking your web pages or articles in posts helps people to reach you and go back to visit your website. As a result, organic traffic is created. At the same time, your audience gets to read and visit through a variety of content that emphasizes your versatility.

  11. Be a Social Bee
  12. Social Media is like a digital mafia, secretly controlling every activity. Every person spends approximately about four to five hours on social media on average. So, getting those people on board with your website isn’t a difficult task. Create your social media accounts and link your webpage or your articles. Look for places where you can promote your website and create a positive buzz.

Following these tips will help you rave up your SEO game and will help you reach the top of your game. Marketing your webpage through SEO is easy and rewarding if you follow the tactics. There are several companies around the world providing professional SEO content writing service like Content Freelancing. So, if you are looking for a SEO article writing service to upgrade your marketing strategies, you must consider hiring seasoned writers.

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