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Considering Sunless Tanning? Here Are Some Questions to Ask before you Proceed!

by Nathan Zachary

Is there something like sunless tanning? Fact is, there is! For those of us who have always associated working up a tan with overexposure to the sun, the very concept of sunless tanning can come as a big surprise. You can choose airbrush tanning or tanning with sunbeds or airbrushes, whichever fits the bill! Tanning salons are available in plenty that offers sun-free tanning solutions with complete comfort and convenience. 

Choose your Type 

If you are planning to head to a Boca Raton tanning salon for working up a bronze sheen that can be sported with class, choosing a preferred mode is the first step. You can opt for the airbrush method, mobile sprays for tanning, or choose a tanning bed. Depending upon your preference, you can ask the following questions before proceeding to a tanning session of your choice. 

Questions to Ask before Undertaking a Sunless Tanning Session

  1. Is sunless tanning safe? Most sunless tanning sessions are quite safe. When compared to the dangers of overexposure to UV radiations of the sun, every other method of tanning appears comparatively safe. 
  2. Are you aware of the procedural formalities? The best thing to do is visit a Coral Springs tanning salon beforehand and sit through a familiarising session. You should know what the process is all about and how things are likely to progress. If you are not aware of the procedural steps, undertaking the steps without any former knowledge could prove to be stressful. 
  3. How should you prepare? Ideally, one needs to perform a complete exfoliation before attending a sunless tanning session. When you exfoliate, dead cells are removed from the skin, promoting an even skin tone when the tan is worked up. If you do not exfoliate, your skin may be covered with dead cells in patches resulting in uneven skin coloring post the tanning session. 
  4. What should you avoid? Most salons will advise you not to moisturize a day before your tanning session. Moisturising can prevent the absorption of tanning substances, making it difficult to work up a tan. So, make sure you keep your skin completely dry and free from moisture a day before the tanning session has been planned. 
  5. What about waxing or shaving? If you are considering waxing or shaving before your tanning session for a smooth after-effect, you must complete your shaving session at least 12 hours before the tanning session. Do not shave right before the tanning schedule is to begin. Your skin might feel pimply, and you might even experience stinging and burning during the tanning session. 
  6. How should you dress for your tanning session? As you head out to your “tanning salon near me” make sure you are dressed in dark loose-fitting clothes. Remember, tanning completely naked will offer you the best results. Shed all inhibitions and tan naked. Remember the tanning specialist who comes for your session is on a professional assignment. She has been doing this routinely and is not interested in whether you are naked or fully clothed! 

Follow all directives and work up a super luscious tan with style! Techcrams

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