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Construction Office Trailers: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

by Nathan Zachary
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Construction office trailers have made a huge comeback in a variety of businesses. They are the mainstay of construction businesses. With building project expenditures in the United States reaching up to $1,200(approx) billion, the construction sector is one of the top buyers of office trailers. If you believe you should also own a trailer for your official purposes, you have just made the right decision. It will help boost your productivity. However, purchasing one for the first time might be a daunting task. But don’t you worry. This blog will ease out your buying process.

You will require some assistance if you are still deciding what factors to consider when selecting a construction office trailer. SpecialtyBuilds put together a guide to choosing the right trailer for your needs. Let’sLet’s get rolling. 

  1. First, decide the size of your mobile office trailer

Well, when you focus on the size of the trailer, you need to put usage, number o people, and the duration of use into key consideration. The space and design will follow next. 


You can accomplish a variety of things at your portable workplace. Administrative work is the most common application. On a building site, though, you may have a piece of your construction office trailer used for workmen’s shelter and relaxation. You may also utilize your trailer to store workers’ belongings and minor equipment. All of these usage characteristics must be considered while determining trailer size.

The Number of People

When determining the size, keep in mind the number of people using the room. The common rule of thumb is that each individual should have at least 100 square feet.

This implies multiplying the number of employees by 100 squared. This can assist you in determining how many square feet are required. Adding additional square feet to your trailer is fine to make it more spacious.

Duration of Use

You’llYou’ll want to purchase the finest features and dimensions for your trailer. However, if the trailer is only used for a short time, it may not be worth investing in a lot of frills. If you will be relocating from one location to another, there are better choices than a trailer that requires constant dismantling and reassembling. In this situation, consider purchasing a secondhand trailer to save money.

However, if you plan to use the trailer for a long period of time, it’s worth getting a large trailer with the best amenities. You can contact SpecialtyBuilds USA for further assistance regarding construction office trailers.

  1. Take Space Into Consideration!

When determining where to install your trailer, you should take a close look at the surrounding scenery. You should also ensure that the location where you wish to set up the trailer is conveniently accessible. This can significantly impact how quickly and effectively the trailer is set up.

The easiest method to avoid complications is to notify the trailer business of any slopes or uneven terrain at the setup location. This will enable them to bring the necessary tools and supplies to erect the trailer.

The business handling the setup should ideally inspect the place ahead of time. They can then determine if it is a suitable site and make alternate arrangements.

Consider how you’ll bring electricity to the trailer. If you’re going to hardwire it, be sure the power company is close by.

Allow the electricity provider to inspect the installation location ahead of time. They will inform you if it is possible to get power to the location you have picked in this manner. To avoid all of that, you may buy a generator, which will give you a little more freedom.

3. Types of Mobile Trailers

There are two major types of trailers to consider. There are single-wide and multi-wide office trailers available.

The most common trailers are single-wide office trailers. They are easy to put together and come in a number of styles. They also have several amenities to choose from. 

There are amenities such as bathrooms, closets, and even built-in cabinetry.

Multi-wide office trailers provide extra trailer width. In addition, they offer more features than single-wide office trailers.

These variants may contain several restrooms, a wider range of flooring selections, and multiple storage closets. Multiple partitions and built-in cabinets are also available.

Because of the trailer’s huge width, there will be a lot of on-site assembling, which will drive up installation costs owing to the diversity of equipment required.

4. Consider Security

You must consider security if you intend to use the trailer as an office and storage space. Make sure you get a trailer with doors that can be locked. Make sure there are enough keys for everyone who will have access.

Some trailers include inside window bars, steel doors, and deadbolt locks. If you want a higher level of security, you may consider purchasing a trailer built completely of steel. Consider having a tri-cam locking system as well.

Final Thoughts

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a mobile office trailer for your construction work. You should be well on picking the proper option if you thoroughly examine your needs based on the space you have, how you want to use the trailer, and the required level of protection.

Remember to evaluate how long you will require the trailer. If you will only be using the trailer for a limited period of time, it is best to spend only a little money on expensive amenities. You may save money in this manner.
Please visit Specialty Builds website if you want additional information about trailers or assistance picking the proper trailer. They are master builders solutions who are always eager to assist you in selecting the best trailer for your needs

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