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Consumer behavior: Categories, And Factors That Influence

by Nathan Zachary
Consumer behavior

There can be millions of ways to not purchase the product but there is one reason to drop the product in the cart. For a brand, this is crucial to give customers that “one reason” to eliminate the million other ways. 

Human beings are social animals and that is why there are millions of reasons that affect their purchasing decision. Today we have shared those crucial factors that may influence the purchasing decision and also the categories of the customer. Learning about the customer and their behavior will help you understand how external noises could become hurdles and the ways to tackle this problem. Finding problems and bringing unique and effective solutions is an interesting game for entrepreneurs. So if you like to play this game then don’t stop reading – 

Here are the following four categories of consumers while purchasing the product from the market 

  • Awareness – 

Awareness enables the urgency to buy the product because – when you will be aware of the best and worst side of the product then only consumer make up their mind to purchase that product. So before launching the product in the market, try to keep them aware that how much important it is to purchase the product. 

Now you may understand the fact behind launching the trailer first before the whole picture in the cinema. 

  • Preference – 

In the market, there are lots of competitors ahead and if you are aware of the competitors then bring such kind of strategy which couldn’t confuse or wander to the other’s store. Here is one thing every brand needs to focus on and that is – uniqueness. Everything depends on the unique selling proposition or USP, the more unique product will be the better. The uniqueness in the product creates a difference and it becomes easy to let the customer be aware of it. Do anything to stop the way of customers to let move to your competitors. 

  • Never forget the “moment of engagement” –

Engagement plays an important role to analyze how customers’ perceptions of the product. This is important for the owner to get a good response from the engagement after awareness and preference. A brand can let them aware of the product through personal engagement. Build a group of loyal customers and share the product with in-depth lessons on pros. If a particular group of people is satisfied then they will share with a few others and more. Now the brands don’t need to work because the rest the loyal customers will do.  

  • Word of mouth – 

For a brand, this is crucial to examine what people are saying about their product and services behind the back. This “word of mouth” can make or break the brand’s fame, which is why social monitoring and social listening have come into the picture. Ask them indirectly or directly but you should be aware of the thoughts and experiences of the product. Make sure you assure the customer with the worst experience for the best services. This will allow the customers to give a brand the next try in order to check how effective you are. 

Factors that influence the customer in buying decisions 

Suppose you have seen the hoarding of any brand displaying the offers or discounts ads, then it may influence if you find it worth purchasing. These hoardings are also a huge stoppage for the competitors of the brand. To play safe in branding, the government has introduced anti-hoarding laws. Furthermore, consumers can avail the service of anti-hoarding by Blokchi in an effortless manner.  

  • Psychological factors – 

The thoughts in the mind play an important role and it influences the mind in almost every manner. To bring an effective answer from the ocean of negative or positive thoughts is quite complicated. Thoughts are based on personal preference and sometimes influenced by “word of mouth”. 

It includes – motivation, learning, belief, and understanding of the product. 

  • Social factors – 

Status, the culture of the family, and social groups may affect the buying decision. So if you are living in this world, then these things will also come across the customer and brand as a stopper. 

  • Personal factors – 

As per the lifestyle, suitable for skin, age, income, and job – everything comes under the personal factor. This may vary from person to person and every person has their one favorite brand from which they want to purchase everything. 

Wrapping Up – 

If a customer was using the same product and suddenly changed to purchase the same product again then it is required to identify which factor has influenced them. Identify today otherwise, you will soon lose most of your customers. The more quickly you will find a solution, the better. 

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