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Artificial Grass Offers a Variety of Benefits and Uses

by Nathan Zachary
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In today’s article, we will talk about the types of artificial grass. What we should consider when buying one. Where to install it, prices, types, and advantages of this material and its use from Contracting Companies in Abu Dhabi.

Artificial Grass Characteristics

A number of factors must be considered before choosing an artificial grass product.


Although it is true that a priori natural grass is not comparable with artificial grass, we cannot forget the many advantages of installing synthetic grass in our spaces.

It is becoming increasingly common due to how comfortable it is to have a green space that not only provides naturalness, but also an almost total lack of maintenance.

Therefore, we list what are the most outstanding advantages.

Saving Water

If there is one advantage that stands out over the others, it is saving water.

Naturally, artificial grass does not need water, so achieving a green space with zero water consumption is very significant.

It is already known that natural grass needs to constantly hydrated to stay fresh and green.


Another virtue of artificial grass is that it has great aesthetics. Putting a green floor in an area where there was gravel, stones or just dirt will add a natural and pleasant charm.


Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass has great resistance that, if treated correctly, can last for several years.

Zero Fertilizers

We do not need to use fertilizers for pest control, so we help maintain the environment,

Perfect lawn all year round.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fall, winter or any other season. Our artificial grass will always look green and bright.

Little Maintenance

It must maintain all those who have natural grass know well. That so that it looks in the best possible way.

In this case, the artificial grass hardly requires maintenance, so we will not have to invest hours and hours to make it perfect.

It Helps Us Save

Although it is true that when buying good quality artificial grass for the first time we will make a greater investment than if it were natural, we have to bear in mind that subsequent expenses will be minimal.

Once it’s installed, we won’t have to spend hours and hours maintaining it. So, we’ll save time.

In addition, we will avoid having to buy a lawnmower and other types of gardening tools for maintenance.

Finally, we will save a lot of money on water by not needing it for maintenance.

Without a doubt, great advantages to consider.

Places To Install Artificial Grass

You can not only install artificial grass in gardens or terraces. But today its role can be both functional and decorative. So, we can find multiple areas or places to place it.

If what you need are ideas, don’t worry because we are going to show you different images and areas where to put your artificial grass.


Many people choose to put synthetic grass on their terraces because of the advantages that it entails.

Having a green space without worrying about its maintenance and that it is functional is a winning bet.

terrace with artificial grass

In addition, there are many single-family and/or semi-detached houses that have a small piece of land on which it is not functional to lay natural grass.

Town Planning

Cities are also committed to green areas that do not require maintenance, which is why it is becoming increasingly common to see areas that have this material installed.

artificial grass urbanism


Although it may seem strange, there are many gardens that have vegetable areas and natural grass and others with artificial grass.

Landscaping uses it more to create dynamic and design spaces.

It is also common to see how it combines with decorative stones and all kinds of elements.

On the other hand, it can also apply in areas surrounding a swimming pool.

Children’s Parks

We left behind years ago, sand, and stone playgrounds.

Today, the most common is to find parks with rubber pavements and areas where they install artificial grass. Like Playgrounds with Synthetic Grass.

Rooftops And Patios

If you live in an attic or have a roof terrace or patio, you can create a comfortable and beautiful space with a good artificial grass.

patio with artificial grass

Sports Centers and Sports Fields

There are places where you always need to have a lawn in good condition. These spaces are usually sports centers and sports fields.

Sports Center with Artificial Turf

In recent years, the installation of artificial grass has increased in these areas thanks to its low maintenance and resistance.


You will be surprised to know the number of applications that artificial grass can have indoors.

For example, in shopping centers for common spaces, in restaurants, gyms or businesses. That want to give their premises a more natural air.

Shopping Center with Synthetic Grass

And that is not all. Not only can put it on the ground. But can make murals with artificial grass and even vertical gardens.

Artificial Grass Wall

In homes it is also a good option if we use it as a carpet with shorter lengths.

Kindergartens And Schools

Finally, it is worth highlighting the role it plays in nurseries and spaces for children who usually spend time on the floor playing.

  • Nurseries and schools with artificial grass
  • Is nice offering them such a space inside.

Artificial Grass Prices

The prices of artificial grass vary greatly depending on the materials and the quality of it. Although it is true that it is not a cheap product, in the medium and long term the investment is worth it. Artificial grass comes in rolls of different sizes, although we can also find them by cuts of different sizes.

However, to give you an idea, a normal artificial grass can cost an average of per meter and you can find them cheaper. If we go to high-quality models, the approximate price per meter, but we assure you that it is worth it.

Salamanca Artificial Grass

If you want to buy artificial grass in Salamanca, you have just found your supplier.

We work with one of the best brands nationwide.

In our warehouse you will be able to see all the samples and choose the grass that you like the most.

Artificial Grass in Salamanca

In addition, you will also find various accessories and products for its maintenance. We even have fresh grass air fresheners to make your lawn smell like the real thing.

Come closer and discover all the possibilities.


If you have come this far, you will have verified that betting on artificial grass is a great option for multiple spaces.

Today there are some models that imitate nature so well that it is difficult to distinguish them. Apart from the innumerable advantages that this type of product has.

The only thing we advise you is that, if you decide to put artificial grass in your premises, business, garden, or home in general, that you always opt for a quality product.

We will never get tired of saying that cheap is expensive, and it is better to make a larger investment at the beginning than to make a small one out of many.

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