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Coupe vs. Flute — Which Glass is Best?

by Nathan Zachary
Champagne Flute

There are several varieties of glasses made just for sparkling wine and Champagne. Don’t you believe that this wine deserves a special glass since it is exceptional? The coupe glass, the flute, the saucer, or for others, a clear white wine glass would suffice, are all options. Who therefore wins in the Champagne coupe vs flute conflict? Buy champagne coupe or champagne flute according to your liking and experience preferences. 

Champagne Coupe

Aficionados refer to this design as a “coupe,” although you might be more familiar with it as the Champagne saucer. The glass, which became the most popular in the early 20th century, is the oldest style of Champagne glass and has a wide and shallow bowl. The Champagne coupe is coming back in the game. Old Hollywood also favoured the coupe as a drinking vessel. The coupe is a small glass with an open top and a broad bulb. 

Older Champagne vintages that require more breathing room should be served in the Champagne coupe. The long, thin glass and narrow hole trap the bubbles longer. To add some aesthetic look to your collection, you can buy a champagne coupe

Champagne Flute

Since sparkling wine’s effervescence proved challenging to maintain, the champagne flute gained appeal because it was tall and thin and effectively preserved carbonation. Even the core feature of the champagne flute, a point at the bottom of the glass wherein effervescent bubbles gather to ascend gently to the top of the slim champagne glass, has been developed by wine glassmakers.

Champagne flutes play a vital function in enhancing flavour and scent, but they also represent class and have a particular aesthetic due to their beautiful design. Additionally, it has evolved into a canvas for imperial glassworks, notably in Russia in the 19th century. Champagne flutes were created in the native Russian style of Art Nouveau and Neo-Gothic.

A flute is a fantastic choice for gatherings where guests will mingle. With a flute, moving about and running into people won’t result in a mess.

Champagne Glassware: Coupe vs Flute – Which Glass Is Best

  • If you enjoy your “Fizz” effervescent, you’ll enjoy Champagne flute glass since it produces plenty of bubbles that gather at the flute’s bottom before swiftly rising to the top. The impressively shaped bubbles collect and quickly convey a lot of flavour and scent. A flute truly gives the wine more “oomph” than a coupe because more bubbles are produced.
  • If you are someone who consumes Champagne quickly and wants it with a fizz rather than as a flat wine on a saucer, you can go for the Coupe one. Moreover, the shallow design of this glass constantly increases the risk of spilling your exquisite Champagne.

However, they may also serve as a very classy dessert dish if you fall in love with the design and decide to get a Champagne saucer.


If you want to enjoy your Champagne’s complete essence and taste, you should go with the flute glass over the coupe glass. But if you are looking for some of the best vintage options to serve your Champagne, you can buy a Champagne coupe.

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