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Things to Know Before Buying a Qurbani Hissa in Lahore

by Nathan Zachary
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Eid-ul-Adha is an auspicious event for Muslims around the world. Muslims all around the globe celebrate this sacred day with pride and delight. Millions of farm animals are sacrificed on this day all around the world, including Lahore. Farmers in this country feed their farm animals extra nourishment throughout this season to keep them healthy and prepared for people to buy their Qurbani hissa on Eid and also want to know cow price in Pakistan or cow for sale in Pakistan

Giving Qurbani is a precious act of devotion that Allah (SWT) strongly encourages. Every year during the holy month of ZilHaj, Muslims worldwide slaughter a Qurbani goat, sheep, cow, or camel to commemorate the Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail for the sake of God. Several Qurbani laws must be followed for the animal to be counted as a Qurbani animal.

Shares in a Pakistani Qurbani Cow    

According to the holy Quran, every qualified Muslim should seek one share of Qurbani. A small animal, such as a goat or a sheep, is equivalent to one Qurbani hissa. However, bigger animals such as a cow or camels must be considered for seven shares. These can also be divided among seven people.

FarmGhar is the biggest online maweshi mandi in Pakistan, where you can book Qurbani online and avail of their Qurbani services at the most competitive rates in the market. They are one of our top recommendations when buying a cow Qurbani 2022 hissa.

How to Identify a Good Qurbani Pakistani Cow in Lahore?

Here are several specifications you need to look at while buying your Qurbani cow if you go online Qurbani Lahore.

Age of the Cow

Age is a critical aspect of Qurbani animals. Cows must be at least two years old, which can be easily determined by inspecting their teeth. Cows up to 5 years of age have two permanent incisors, four at three years of age, six at four years of age, and a full mouth of eight permanent incisors at five. A healthy cow’s teeth are intact and appealing.

The appetite of the Qurbani Cow

Try holding something edible in front of a cow’s mouth. If the animal is healthy, it will readily take in and chew the food using its tongue. A sick animal does not want to consume that much food.

Check if the Cow is Pregnant

It is forbidden to sacrifice a pregnant animal in Islam. As a result, it must be verified before you buy it. You can only sacrifice the cow if it is not pregnant.

Buy a Cow with Less Fat Ratio

A huge, heavy cow is not necessarily a healthy or suitable sacrifice animal. A fat cow contains a lot of fat in its system, which may harm human health if consumed. In addition, overweight cows are more likely to be injected with growth hormones and other drugs. As a result, it is best to avoid such animals for Qurbani hissa.

How to Choose the Right Qurbani Goat

One needs to remember many factors while looking at online goat sales in Lahore for Qurbani. Some of these are:

Dependable Breeder

Before purchasing your own Qurbani goat, ensure that you are in contact with a reputable breeder. This is to verify that your goat is reared ethically and healthily under halal standards and requirements. 

Furthermore, domesticated and trained goats are considerably less prone to getting hazardous infections and illnesses, preventing the individuals you donate to from contracting those ailments.

Animals’ Minimum Age

The age of the Qurbani goat, cow, or camel is the first consideration in selecting appropriate sacrifice animals. Qurban animals, such as goats and sheep, must be at least a year old, while cows and buffaloes must be at least two years old.

Examining animal teeth is another method. The approved animal is distinguished by a tooth change, which occurs when the two front teeth fall out and are replaced with two new adult teeth.

The Health of Your Goat

The health of a Pakistani Qurbani cow or goat is the third consideration. Active and reactive animals, when approached, are traits of physically healthy animals. Healthy animals will be fast, powerful, energetic, not sluggish, not irritated, and will have a decent appetite.

Finding the Right Online Qurbani Service in Lahore

Online goat sales in Lahore can be challenging, and you might also come across many fraudulent services. You should be very careful while searching for an exemplary service. 

One of the most genuine online maweshi mandi services in Lahore is by FarmGhar. You can download their free app and find the best Qurbani animals in Lahore for your Qurbani hissa. They are the best in your city because:

  • Your animal will be slaughtered in the first three days of Eid
  • Hassle-free service
  • No need to rush to the mandis anymore.
  • Your meat will be distributed on the very first day.
  • You will get a verified receipt of the order confirmation
  • Genuine verified Qurbani goats and cows at your doorstep
  • 100% guarantee of services
  • You will be provided with the best butchers at your home
  • Offers well-packaged meat that is delivered to your home.
  • Excellent for vendors who want to get their animals verified and sell them online
  • Availability of verified veterinary doctors who can verify your animals.
  • The best service to buy your Qurbani hissa 2022.

We highly recommend you buy your goat or cow Qurbani 2022 hissa and also know cow price / cow for sale in Pakistan online as the process can be hassle-free, and you can get your Qurbani meat at the ease of your own home. They also offer animals for other events such as Aqeeqah and Sadaqah.

If you want to book your Qurbani service with farmGhar, you can visit their website or download their free app to avail yourself of the best Qurbani hissas and Qurbani animals in Lahore. Go ahead, book your slot and have a meaty Eid!

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