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Access Management Systems Provide Cybersecurity Advantages

by Nathan Zachary

Digital and physical security need to go hand-in-hand today. The world is going digital, and companies must realize this. Many companies today require a person to enter a username and password to access secure information. However, the need for two-factor authentication continues to increase. The problem is that the identity hasn’t been authenticated, so does multi-factor authentication truly work? For this reason, many companies are moving toward dynamic identity management.

What is Dynamic Identity Management?

Dynamic identity management may be the next thing in access control systems. This type of solution brings together facial recognition, sensors, monitors, and risk analysis to increase security. It provides numerous cybersecurity advantages when it comes to determining who should be allowed access to restricted areas or sensitive data. However, some people have expressed concerns over their privacy. In addition, the use of this technology raises concerns about artificial intelligence and the fact that it is a work in progress. It is not infallible.

Privacy Concerns

Employees don’t want to be monitored continuously. They feel their privacy is being violated and this can impact workflow. To prevent this from happening, business owners need to consider the implications of any access control technology they choose to invest in. In addition, they need to ensure the solution is one the employees trust and feel comfortable with.

No employee will feel comfortable knowing that their boss has a log of exactly when they went to the restroom and how long they were in there. They also don’t want the employer to know exactly how much time it took them to complete a task. This time frame may vary by the day, and no person should be questioned if it takes ten minutes longer one day. The employer isn’t doing the work and cannot see what changes in the task. Nobody likes to be micro-managed.

How to Handle This Situation

Companies should choose the solution that provides the necessary level of control without being intrusive. While it’s always nice to have the latest technology, at times it can serve as a hindrance. In fact, the use of the latest technology could increase the risk to the organization. For this reason, companies should always rely on humans above machines.

If an employee states a worker was in an area they were not authorized to be, the company needs to believe them and do an investigation. Artificial intelligence makes use of data coming into the system and is constantly updated. The human touch needs to remain a part of access management and cybersecurity issues for this reason. AI cannot make decisions based on the information it doesn’t have. Only humans can provide this information.

Physical security tasks need to be merged with access management ones for the best results. Privacy concerns must be addressed when integrating these systems, and the company must consider the consequences of any new technology brought into the organization. When a company does so, the right access management will increase physical and cybersecurity across the board. However, the key lies in using the least intrusive system, as this helps to keep employees happy while providing the level of cybersecurity needed.

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