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Different Methods of Cleaning Windows

by Nathan Zachary
Cleaning Windows

There are several different methods of cleaning windows. Some of these methods include the use of a telescopic pole, a squeegee, or a mop. The use of cleaning fluid is also another option. However, the best method depends on the window type and the level of dirt and grime that you want to remove.

Using a squeegee

A squeegee is a tool that is used for cleaning windows. Before using one, it is essential to dampen the handle with a clean cloth. After squeegeeing, the squeegee blade should be wiped off after each stroke. This prevents streaks.

Using a mop

Using a mop to clean windows is a traditional way to remove dirt from your home. You should always clean windows from top to bottom, and make sure to clean the window trim as well. Using a hose to rinse off any soap residue and residual dirt is another great way to keep your windows clean. Once you are done cleaning your windows, make sure to dry them thoroughly with a microfiber cloth.

Using a telescopic pole

Using a telescopic pole with a cleaning sponge and cloth is one of the most efficient ways to clean your windows. A telescopic pole can reach windows that are up to 12 feet high, and it can extend from five to twelve feet in length. Another advantage of a telescopic pole is its adjustable angle, so you can reach even the hardest-to-reach places.

Using a cleaning fluid

When you want to clean your windows, you should always use a soft cloth. This will help you get rid of dust and other particles that may have been caught between the glass and the frames. You can also use a cotton swab if it is difficult to reach hard to reach places. Another option is to use old t-shirts to clean your windows, as they do not leave behind lint residue. And besides, using an old t-shirt is good for the environment.

Avoiding leaning ladders directly against the glass

You may think that leaning a ladder against the glass while cleaning windows is perfectly safe, but this can be very dangerous. The weight of the ladder pushing against the glass can break it. Using a stabilizer when leaning a ladder against the window will help to prevent the ladder from falling, which could cause an accident.

Using a soft-bristled brush

One of the most common ways to clean windows is by using a soft-bristled brush. This brush can remove loose dirt from windows and cobwebs. However, it may leave residue behind. A soft-bristled brush should be used indoors with a towel nearby to catch drips.

Using a cloth

A cloth is an inexpensive and effective way to clean your windows. It has the advantage of being chemical and residue free. It is also easy to clean, requiring only a little water. You don’t need to buy expensive window cleaners to clean windows and mirrors.

Using newspaper

If you’re having trouble cleaning your windows, consider using newspaper instead of a cloth. Newspapers are somewhat abrasive, which helps to loosen tiny particles of dirt. In addition, unlike toilet paper, newspaper won’t leave behind fibres. Another advantage of newspaper is that it’s very inexpensive.

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