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Differentiating Characteristics of A Good Remote Worker

by Nathan Zachary
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In spite of widespread expectations, apprehensions, and foresight, remote work keeps spreading unabatedly throughout the corporate world. Even though the number of Covid-19 cases has decreased, strict lockdowns have been lifted, vaccines have been implemented, and routines have become more normalised, remote work has not completely disappeared from our lives as many experts had predicted. Many believed that remote work was only a short-term solution to the pandemic’s social constraints and that it would be abandoned due to its drawbacks over traditional full-time office work.
But just the opposite happened. Smart companies quickly identified the untapped advantages of this working paradigm and recognised its enormous potential for success. Similar to this, well-known remote staffing companies like Worktually quickly adapted to the changing needs of the business world and implemented sophisticated screening procedures to highlight and polish the best remote talent worldwide.
According to Forbes, remote work is here to stay and will become more common.
Even if amazing steps were taken to improve the working model and make it more practical and useful, some areas are still a problem for everyone. There have been many successful initiatives to encourage productive collaboration amongst individuals, teams, and distant workers. As a result, working remotely is no longer difficult. Finding a good applicant to hire is still difficult. A remote worker has various virtual hurdles, in contrast to a full-time office employee, whose technological abilities are typically sufficient to assist them perform the prescribed work.
Therefore, in addition to having the necessary technical skills, experience, and credentials, remote workers also need to have a number of additional qualities that make it possible for them to carry out their job functions effectively from home.
The article thoroughly evaluates the additional character attributes that distinguish a good remote worker from the enormous talent pool in order to aid businesses in their hiring efforts.
We do not mean by independence that a candidate must be physically or financially independent. It simply means that the ideal applicant must be capable of working independently with little assistance from others and independent in their decision-making. That is to say, a candidate must be able to make basic decisions on their own rather than having a high reliance on a manager or employer.
Because virtual communication can be difficult, a supervisor might not always be available to answer every small question. Consequently, a candidate needs to be able to work independently with a reasonable level of judgement.
Self-motivation and a focus on results
In an office setting, managers and senior employees are always available to boost morale when it dips or when management wants to accomplish a particular goal. Although there are many platforms that offer excellent virtual team collaboration, the impact of these associations is a little bit less in virtual settings.
Therefore, the ideal candidate must be self-driven and focused on results. During the first few meetings, a strong and determined personality frequently emerges. All you need is a keen eye to spot such a quality.
Good Communication in the Written, Verbal, And Virtual Space
Working hard is essential for success, but communication is the doorknob. A remote working environment is the best place to see the aforementioned statement in action. You won’t be happy with a candidate’s performance if they are knowledgeable in their field but have poor communication skills. Why? Because such a candidate won’t only fail to voice legitimate concerns but also be unable to fully comprehend task instructions.
A great remote worker must therefore have effective communication skills.
Possessing Both Problem-Solving Skills And Assertiveness
A candidate has a better chance of winning in the remote environment if they think ahead of independent judgement. Your ideal candidate should be able to independently make small decisions as well as deal with issues with the internet or inconsistent task instructions.
They must also be confident and proactive in alerting the appropriate authority as soon as possible to any potential problems.
Your company’s success depends on the moral character and dependability of your team. Therefore, regardless of the work model, dependability is a crucial quality you must look for in every employee. Hiring your candidate from a reputable remote worker platform is one of the ways to guarantee the latter.
Recognizing Your Responsibility
The best corporate cultures are being destroyed as a result of politics and blame-shifting. Your staff members, especially the ones who work from home, must have the guts to own up to their mistakes. An ideal employee must be willing to step up and accept responsibility when an unintentional mistake is made and not be afraid of being held accountable. This avoids arguments and potential calamities.
Curiosity and a desire to learn A firm’s expanding needs are constantly updated and changed by the digital environment. Therefore, a good remote worker needs to be eager to adapt to change and always curious to learn new things. The biggest barrier to a company’s success is their inability to adapt and their resistance to change.
Knowledge Of Computers And The Capability To Use Tech Tools Effortlessly
Not to mention, the ideal remote worker needs to be tech savvy and at ease with a variety of online tools. A worker who struggles with technology will be unproductive for a very long time.
In conclusion, remote work will continue to exist for a while. Even with successful attempts to improve communication among remote teams, it can still be difficult to find qualified remote workers. The most practical solution is to hire your team from a reputable platform for hiring remote workers, like Worktually.

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