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by Nathan Zachary
Digital Marketing


Without the right digital marketing, selling and renting are hardly possible today. Discover now which digital sales channels there are, how and where you can use them to find the right target group for your property, why the right content ensures more sales and why digital monitoring is particularly important for property developers and investors.

“With digital sales, benefit from the optimal combination of excellent digital competence, the specialist knowledge of a quality broker who has been successful for over 20 years and personal full service directly on site.”

Digitization is also fundamentally changing the real estate industry. Today, buyers and tenants want to find out more about Digital Marketing of Real Estate online, view properties digitally from the comfort of their sofa, be conveniently informed via a tailor-made newsletter and be inspired via social media.

5 good reasons for the digital marketing of real estate

In the meantime, high-quality and sought-after properties are very often sold directly via their own websites and no longer via real estate portals.

Digitization accelerates and simplifies many processes. Just one example: Online viewings enable maximum flexibility through independence in terms of time and location.

Target groups can be selected and addressed precisely and via the appropriate sales channel.

Thanks to monitoring, the effect of marketing measures can be permanently measured and optimized.

Today, customers usually first find out about new properties online. With the right digital marketing, your property will be the first to be found quickly and precisely with the desired content via Google and Co.

Sell ​​better thanks to a tailor-made digital sales strategy

That is why we combine a digital sales strategy that is individually tailored to you with classic brokerage expertise and one of the widest range of services on the market. Through our digital sales, we can optimally market your real estate project via all digital channels, platforms, and social media and lead it to success. On request even as a convenient complete package including the appropriate project marketing.

Quickly google the new building project, ask the agent a question on Facebook, or take a 360° tour of the dream apartment on the sofa on a Sunday evening with a smartphone – customers today use many different digital channels and communicate as a matter, of course, every day with the broker permanently and from anywhere.

The use of target group-specific digital channels and future-oriented services such as online viewings or advice via video chat outside of traditional business hours will become even more important in the future – especially for more exclusive new build and holiday properties.

Search engine marketing and online advertising

70.42 percent of all global search queries in January 2021 were made via Google, and Google even had a market share of 90.7 percent for mobile search queries. (Source Statista). So there is hardly any way around the search engine market leader.

That’s why we rely on professional search engine marketing, Google Ads Search, a wide variety of online advertising formats, and SEO-optimized content with added value for your buyers and tenants in our digital sales. Thanks to the local Google search, prospective buyers can also search for a property directly on site in the desired region.

Content marketing and own a high-traffic website

Our Spardaimmobilien.de website is accessed and viewed by thousands of customers every day. It has its own search function for houses, apartments, apartment buildings, land, investment properties and holiday properties. In addition, it is continuously updated with high-quality content and new properties. This commitment also pays off for our customers:

Top 3 placement on the new broker websites in Hamburg

Digital sales boost through own project websites

The individual websites for each real estate project provide an additional boost in digital marketing. Builders and project developers in particular benefit from a high-quality project website with all the important information for potential buyers including SEO strategy, tracking and search engine marketing – conveniently from a single source and always with the professional view of a broker who has been successful for over 20 years.

The trend is towards fast, individual digital sales

The trend is toward fast, individual digital sales Today’s standard solution for real estate marketing are the well-known online portals. They can be used easily and without any problems by laypeople to list properties for sale or rental.

They are also often used for initial research by those interested in real estate. More and more professional providers such as property developers and investors prefer to rely on your tailor-made digital sales strategy instead. It offers convincing advantages:

Individual addressing of the desired target group, for example through newsletter recipients who have already been clustered according to real estate requirements

Read More about : Avalon City

high-quality feedback instead of bulk requests

individual, the high-quality and professional online presence for real estate with all digital sales tools.

Newsletter marketing perfectly tailored to your target group

Thanks to professional targeting, we know exactly whether the respective subscriber is more interested in a holiday property on the Baltic Sea or a condominium in the city and can therefore always send out exactly the right offers via newsletter.

We are constantly optimizing our newsletter marketing based on the opening rates achieved, the response rate, etc.

Real estate social media

Facebook, Instagram and Co. are now an integral part of most people’s personal, daily media mix. Here, too, we address your target group in a way that suits the medium and the right digital sales strategy.

Numerous followers and a high engagement rate are the best prerequisites for presenting your property in an eye-catching and successful way on social media – for as many interested parties as possible and quick sales at the best price.

Monitoring for new construction projects

Modern, comprehensive monitoring is one of the most important prerequisites for efficient and profitable digital sales, especially for builders and project developers. Transparency and fairness have always been among the most important values, which is why our powerful reporting for your real estate project is clearly comprehensible and reliable. Ghafari Marketing provide best real estate marketing of mega real estate projects like Avalon City Islamabad, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Park View City Islamabad and Blue World City Islamabad.

Do you have questions about the digital sale of real estate?

Ghafari Marketing is is your expert for the individual, digital sale of real estate. We market your property with the entire range of online marketing for a forward-looking plus in service, efficiency and sales sped.

Discover now the fascinating possibilities of a tailor-made digital sale of real estate. We would be happy to advise you personally.

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