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Which Digital Marketing Skills Are Most in Demand

by Nathan Zachary
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In a recent report, LinkedIn Marketing highlights the tremendous growth in demand for professionals in digital marketing roles. Their internal data analysis demonstrates the high demand for jobs in the areas of digital marketing and social media. We offer professional services for Digital Marketing Services for Small Business. Half of the top 10 jobs posted on LinkedIn are in the media and digital environment.

Importance Of Digital Marketing

Globally, businesses are aware of the importance of digital marketing. This is evident in a new Executive Education program at Harvard Business School called ‘Marketing in the Digital Age’, which is offered online. In the business world. It is known that the number of customers accessible online is greater than ever. And that in order to be in contact with them, it is necessary to have employees with digital marketing skills.

The demand for digital marketing skills isn’t just revealed by jobs posted on LinkedIn. Fifty percent of the top training courses people have taken on LinkedIn Learning. In the last twelve months are in the area of ​​digital marketing. In fact, the Learning Center has seen a spike in traffic with a growing number of people seeking digital marketing education.

As a result of the pandemic, the change towards the virtual accelerated in all areas

Value Of Digital Marketing

It was not until the COVID-19 pandemic that the value of digital marketing was really understood. As this circumstance led the world to live everything in the digital environment. Who can forget the explosion of video conferencing on the Zoom platform. Which saw the number of users grow from 10 million to 300 million in less than a year?

Older adults began to use digital technology to talk to their grandchildren. Children began to take classes through Google Classroom or other digital platforms. Similarly, employees went online to work from home. And communicate via Slack, and consumers. Who couldn’t shop in physical stores turned to e-commerce to purchase necessities.

Development Of Digital Platforms

The pandemic forced companies to speed up the development of digital platforms. And e-commerce marketing because the way to do business had to be online.

This virtual change created a demand for professionals with digital marketing skills who could understand the world of social media . In this way, people with that knowledge could see in the different areas of digital marketing. An opportunity to ride the wave of demand.

Smma (Social Media Marketing Associate)

LinkedIn Marketing looked at marketing jobs in the North America region, made up of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. According to year-on-year growth, the fastest growing professional activities are:

media coordinator

search manager

media coordinator

These same positions also register an increase in demand. Furthermore, according to the LinkedIn Marketing report, those roles have been the fastest growing in the last six months.

The report also highlights the demand for specific skills that correlates these roles with higher growth in employment. These skills stand out as the most requested in the previous semester. Since of the five skills with the highest demand in the last six months, the three activities with the highest growth are:

social media marketing

paid search strategy

Social media

Digital Marketer

If we go a little deeper, when it comes to marketing jobs that are offered. On the LinkedIn Marketing report highlights these positions as the ones with the highest demand. However, in this case the information refers to the volume of job postings rather than year-over-year growth.

By volume, the three most in-demand positions are:

Digital Marketing Specialist

digital account executive

social media manager

The LinkedIn Marketing report says that the role of “Digital Marketing Specialist” is very broad. But underlines that there seems to be a mismatch. Between the skills of Digital Marketing Specialist candidates. And the skills that the market demands for such a position.

Relative Supply/Demand Ratio

As already mentioned, the report identified a gap between the skills employers demand and those available to potential employees. Within the relative supply/demand ratio, the three main discrepancies are identified in the areas of:

Marketing digital


Social media

The LinkedIn Marketing team indicates that they reached this conclusion based on their observation of full-time positions. Supply refers to the number of members with a specific skill. And measured the demand based on the number of hires with that skill between March 2020 and March 2021.

Skills sought after, but not equally available in the digital marketing job environment, are:

digital strategy


Link Generation

search advertising

SEO off-page

Omniture SiteCatalyst , currently known as Adobe Analytics, focuses on multi-channel analytics, and is part of the Adobe Experience Cloud . Its plug-ins allow marketers to analyze the results of their video campaigns. And mobile applications, in addition to the usual internet marketing channels.

Internal Resources Vs. Agency

When the demand for these digital marketing skills outstrips the knowledge of the internal team. Business owners should consider bringing in specialized resources from an outside agency. The key lies in defining your organization’s marketing goals. And weighing them against the strengths and weaknesses of your internal team. This exercise is essential to define if your marketing initiatives should be handled internally. Or if the help of external experts is required.

We have a blog post that talks about the pros and cons of solving the challenge with internal resources. Or with the support of an agency. If you want to know if it is better to hire. Professional social media company or use an internal social media manager. Or if you want to know what factors should be considered. When comparing internal resources against external marketing agencies.

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