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Do BigCommerce Developers Really Make Your Life Easier?

by Nathan Zachary

You probably have enough expenses. Keeping track of inventory; paying licenses, taxes, and regulatory fees. A variety of human resources costs.

Do you really want to hire a BigCommerce developer to help you manage your online store?

Maybe you can do it yourself. You’ve gotten this far.

Then again, maybe not. Or maybe, just maybe, a qualified developer partner can help put hours back in your day. Train yourself to see a strategic partnership as an investment and not as a cost and you might just reap the following benefits.

No More Chasing Bugs
The truth is not everyone is a tech wizard. Some of us are just plain Luddites. And we’re not pointing fingers, but, do some introspection. Are you?

When your phone goes through an update or something isn’t working on your computer, do you know where to look to make the fix, or do you just want to throw the device at the wall?

That’ll answer the question.

The point here is this. If your BigCommerce website ever develops bugs (and it will, despite the fact that BC is a great platform) will you know what to do to fix it?

It won’t matter if you ignore it. Your customers expect a functioning site, and blips on the radar can cost you sales.

Fortunately, BigCommerce developers know how to make those fixes – and so deftly, they even make it look easy half of the time.

No More Parsing Code
Sometimes, optimizing your website for speed, functionality, or user experience means removing excess code or writing custom scripts.

Unless you speak Javascript or HTML, you might not understand the lingo when you inspect the element of your BigCommerce website.

That gets confusing quickly – but not for BigCommerce developers.

Payment Gateway or 3rd Party-App Integrations? No Problem
Yes, BigCommerce has a relatively open API. That still doesn’t make it easy for laymen to perform integrations. It just means the platform can handle them.

Granted, some integrations are as easy to make as clicking the “Install” button on your screen. But will you be prepared when BigCommerce starts asking you to take extra steps?

The Buck Stops at the Back-End
BigCommerce has a pretty easy-to-use backend editor, even for non-technical people. But if you’re not the most technically savvy person out there, you’ll be glad to know that when you hire a BigCommerce developer, it all ends right there.

Need to make some more extensive changes to your website that go beyond the backend? Anything of that nature will go right through the developer – and frankly, some of them will take over backend management for you anyway.

Your Solution for Custom Themes, Tools, and Mobile Apps
Finally – but most importantly – a BigCommerce developer can make BigCommerce work for you – not the other way around.

When you have a developer in your back pocket, you can make extensive and granular changes to the platform. This in effect customizes it and turns it into a bespoke platform that is far more customized than you’d expect.

Other eCommerce businesses without development and coding skills will just have to take what BigCommerce gives them – but not those that hire qualified developers.

To them, BigCommerce is just like a lump of putty. And, being artists, development experts can make anything they want out of it.

Word to the Wise: Choose an Elite Certified BigCommerce Partner
With everything we’ve said, we recognize that it is still a big expense for many business owners to hire a BigCommerce developer. Therefore it’s critical to hire one that’s qualified.

Hire an Elite Certified BigCommerce developer like 1DigitalⓇ Agency (1DigitalAgency.com). In that case, BigCommerce will vouch that the agency is proficient with its platform.

By the way, Neil Patel has said the same thing about 1DigitalⓇ; that they’re great with BigCommerce and making BigCommerce customizations.

Anyway, you get the picture. Now get  out there and find a team of web development and design experts who can make your life easier!

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