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Do You Make These 10 Common Custom Candle Boxes Mistakes?

by Nathan Zachary
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If you’re thinking about getting into the Custom Candle Boxes business, you’ve probably heard of a lot of the same mistakes that other people make. But if you want to avoid those mistakes, here are 10 of them!

1. You don’t know enough about your customers’ needs.

2. You don’t have enough samples for potential customers to try out.

3. You don’t use a professional-looking label design on your boxes.

4. Your boxes aren’t made with quality materials or craftsmanship—they’re made from cheap materials that won’t last long, or they’re made by a substandard manufacturer who will just lose interest in making them once you stop buying from them.

5. Your packaging is terrible—you use cheap plastic and generic boxes that look like they came out of a grocery store rather than something that looks classy and expensive!

6. You don’t offer customization options—if your customers want something different than what’s on the website, they’ll have to contact you directly and ask for it, which means they’re going to spend more time talking with you than they would if they could just buy what they need online.

7. You don’t include a label on the box itself, so customers can’t tell what it is when they open it up.

8. Your Candle Boxes labels aren’t cleanly printed onto their corresponding product (or not enough). Your labels are not legible and difficult to read (or not enough).

9. You don’t include the correct size of box for each customer’s needs

10. You don’t use a price list to calculate your costs and profit margins

Why do people make mistakes while making customized Candle Boxes?

People who are usually new in the Candle Box Packaging business don’t have proper industry knowledge. Sometimes they want to earn immediate profits or success without giving proper time to businesses. For these purposes, they took such options which are not viable in long run for their business growth. What you shouldn’t do as a packaging business owner?

The first thing is that you shouldn’t ever try to sell too many candles per order. Gove your business time and let your products make their way in the market through excellent packaging. Another thing to notice is that they don’t know how to design the box. They don’t have a good plan for what you want to put in it or enough time to make it right.

Sometimes it happens Because they don’t understand what materials are best for your Custom Candle Boxes or client’s needs, like glass or plastic, or where to get the supplies, like glues and oils. They probably aren’t sure who will be using the box, so you don’t plan ahead and choose materials accordingly. It may be because your designs aren’t original or unique enough, so no one wants them.

So, don’t be afraid of failure and procrastinate until the last minute before delivery day.

How to make Sure Your Candle Boxes are of the Right Size?

1. Your custom candle boxes wholesale shouldn’t be too big, or too small.

2. Your boxes should fit into the spaces they’re supposed to fill.

3. Your boxes shouldn’t have holes in them that aren’t necessary for the candles inside them.

4. Your candle sizes should be consistent with each other, or with your brand identity.

5. You shouldn’t have too many holes in your box—you can never find a match!

6. Don’t use the wrong type of tape on your boxes (or not enough).

7. Use the correct type of glue on your boxes.

8.  Use the perfect quality label paper for your luxury candle box product. This is how you can avoid these mistakes to prevent your business from major loss and harm. You can establish your strong brand identity if you know how not to make any mistakes while growing your business on large scale.

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