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Does Teeth Whitening Harm Fillings Or Crowns?

by Nathan Zachary
Teeth Whitening Ottawa

When used by the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, and professional whitening gel are all secure and efficient teeth-whitening options. 

When whitening your teeth, there are a few factors to take into account. Whether or whether you have dental restorations like fillings or crowns is one of those things. If so, when and how you whiten can be crucial, and in some circumstances, whitening might not be your best option. 

Let’s examine how fillings, crowns, and other dental restorations may be harmed by teeth whitening.

Knowing How Whitening Functions

Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide are used in whitening, or bleaching, treatments like strips or whitening gel to remove both surface stains and more deeply embedded stains from the teeth. 

The peroxide helps to break up the stain molecules as it seeps into enamel pores, causing a whitening process. The peroxide content of the gel normally ranges from 10 to 35 percent, with higher peroxide contents offering more whitening.

While your teeth’s enamel is porous, dental restorations are not, and thus do not respond to whitening in the same way. For many years, it was assumed that teeth whitening treatments did not affect dental restorations. Recent research, however, has shown that whitening treatments can harm restorations in a variety of ways.

Whitening With Peroxide Might Harm Crowns And Fillings

Four different restorative materials were examined in a 2013 study that appeared in the Journal of Dentistry to see how they responded to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide. Two 20-minute applications were made to each of the four materials. 

They discovered that all materials showed surface softening but no material loss using the Vickers microhardness test. Dental Practice noted that this was an in vitro study that did not account for additional brushing after this softening and the potential loss of restorative material when this occurs in a 2014 clinical emphasis report.

Fillings, Crowns And Other Restorations Do Not Whiten The Teeth

Another study published in the Journal of Dentistry in 2013 looked at the effects of home bleaching on the color of five different resin composites. 

Teeth Whitening Ottawa put these composites through hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide tests. Their findings revealed clinically unacceptable color changes in all five composites.

Whitening products can cause spotting and color changes in dental amalgams. Furthermore, when exposed to whitening agents, silver-containing dental amalgam can release mercury.

Restored teeth may experience increased tooth sensitivity

Another unfavorable side effect of teeth whitening with fillings or other dental restorations is tooth sensitivity says this dentist who does periodontics in Greeneville. The Journal of Dentistry examined the degree of tooth sensitivity experienced by people who have dental restorations while undergoing whitening procedures. 

30 patients were examined; 15 had healthy teeth, and 15 had dental restorations. Although all subjects had sensitive teeth, those who had restorations had more intense sensitivity.

Consult Your Dentist Before Whitening Your Teeth To Avoid Potential Damage To Fillings and Crowns

It is always a good idea to schedule a check-up with your Ottawa Dentist before considering teeth whitening. This enables your dentist to check for potential decay that could cause problems during whitening. 

You should also get a dental cleaning because removing dental plaque helps with the whitening process. However, if you have dental restorations, you should consult your dentist before whitening. They can tell you if whitening will harm your fillings or crowns.

You must also take into account if the color of your teeth and your current restorations match. These restorations won’t whiten when you whiten your teeth. You might need to consult your dentist about replacing restorations to match your pearly white smile after teeth whitening.

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Ottawa Provides Professional-Strength Bleaching Gel As Well As Custom-Fit Trays

When you get the green light from your dentist and decide to whiten your teeth, Ottawa has a home-whitening kit available. Our kit includes professional-strength whitening gel and custom-molded whitening trays to ensure complete tooth coverage.

Additionally, custom-fit trays reduce the risk of gum sensitivity during treatments. You can also visit our teeth whitening page for more information.

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