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Dog Dressing Guide: How To Dress Up Your Pup?

by Nathan Zachary
Dog Dressing Guide

Dressing your pup with attractive outfits is fun. The activity is a creative and thoughtful approach to showing affection and giving your dog the attention they deserve.

Nowadays, there are a variety of dressing options available in both offline and online pet stores to please your canine companion. However, choosing the best apparel among them can be hard. 

While there’s nothing prettier than pets decked in cute outfits, it is important that they feel safe and comfortable roaming and playing around in them. These factors must be the top priority of pet parents while dressing up their dogs.

Here is a dog dressing guide that every pet parent should follow for the safety and style quotient of their pet.

1. Measure your dog right

Measurement is the key to getting the right-sized outfits and collars for your dog. So measure your dog’s neck, body length, and girth. Write down these sizes in inches and centimetres on a notepad for reference. 

Explore different online pet stores and refer to the size chart to match your dog’s measurements. In case you fail to find the ideal size, go for the next bigger number in the size chart to ensure you are buying comfortable wear for your dog. This approach really helps in purchasing cool outfits for pups to look good.

2. Select a cosy apparel

Choosing a suitable outfit is imperative for your dog to sit, walk, go around, and pee without it dragging all over the floor or digging into their skin. Furthermore, avoid purchasing clothing that is scented with chemicals because they can be harmful and may impair their sense of smell.

Stay away from purchasing clothes that cover their eyes, nose, and ears. This will make it difficult for your furbaby to see, smell and hear. Just like humans, pets communicate with each other and their pet parents with certain body language, behaviour, and signals, which an obstructive outfit can hinder.

Go for cotton or other dog-friendly fabrics available in reputed pet stores to maintain their health as well as provide comfort.

3. Introduce pet apparel slowly

After purchasing the desired outfit, introduce it to your pet gradually. Never force them into wearing it, as some pets may fear the new smell of the material and resist trying it. Make them familiar with the dresses by following the below-noted points:

  • Let your dog sniff around the cloth.
  • Try laying the pet apparel across their back to let them feel the texture and get the hang of it.
  • Reward them with certain dog treats to build up their confidence every time they engage positively during their dress-up sessions. The goal here is to teach your dog to associate tasty treats with clothing. 

Try these ways to get your furry new friend to love their new and fresh apparel hassle-free. 

4. Pay heed to your pet’s body language

Another step to achieving a successful dress-up is to observe your dog’s body language during the session. You may be delighted to see your furry friend all dolled up in different outfits, but signs such as flat ears, lowered heads, and round eyes can typically be indicators of distress and discomfort. 

The aim is to make your dog look handsome or beautiful, along with providing comfort and safety. By observing their body language, you may identify their reaction to them dressing up. If they show discomfort, consider switching their outfit to a cosier one. 

The aforementioned are some essential steps to dress up your four-legged friend. Make sure to not compromise on any of them. Consider buying branded apparel in the first place for quality assurance and a great customer experience. Today, many online vendors are offering magnificent types of fashionable pet outfits to choose from. Check various pet stores to get the best. One of the trusted platforms is Supertails. Check their website to get A to Z pet essentials, including a wide range of dresses, in one place!

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