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Doratoon Review – The Best Lyric Video Maker in 2022

by Nathan Zachary

We started liking lyric videos the moment they came into being. Initially, they were just made for fun, but now, the video design is getting a lot of attention on different channels. Having a lyrics video keeps people engaged and helps in understanding the lyrics. 

How do you make such a video, though? Are there easier ways to do it other than inviting a video editing professional? These days, you can use an online lyric video maker to get such a video done. 

A Lyric Video and Its Maker Explained

If you haven’t understood a lyric video, here is a simple explanation. It’s that video you view with lyrics displayed as the song plays. There are many designs involved when displaying the lyrics. 

To make the best video, you need a lyric video maker like Doratoon. It is a tool that helps you embed those lyrics on that video or create a video that works with the audio.

These days, we have them online, so there is no need to download heavy software. So, let’s learn about the video editor that has helped people create and publish videos via their browsers.

Doratoon – Create a Lyric Video with Ease 

If creating a lyric video is easy, there must be an easier way to make one too. Here is Doratoon presenting you with a modern way to develop lyrics video. It’s easy to use, starting with how you access it. 

It’s a web-based platform, meaning you only need an internet-enabled device with an updated browser. Once you sign up, creating a lyric video will happen in minutes. If you want to see how it works, there is a 7-day trial to try all the exclusive features. 

It’s a matter of dragging the text designs you would like to use and adding the texts. You can also add frames, effects, and animations to make the video more stylish. So, with Doratoon, your creativity is not limited. 

There are more reasons to trust Doratoon when making a lyric video. Let’s look at some features that will help you create a lyric video that everyone will follow and adore. 

Doratoon Lyric Video Creator Editing Features 

  • Ready-made templates: There are hundreds of templates that you can depend on to give you an idea. So, if you don’t know how to go about your video, there is no need to start scratching from scratch. They are all grouped into various categories. So, it’s easy to choose your niche. 
  • Drag-drop text editing: When it’s time to add those texts, all the video editing features will be at your disposal. You can choose any style you need from the available ones and add your text quickly to the editor. 
  • Animated characters: Apart from adding the lyrics, you can also include animations and other forms of symbols. It’s all based on the kind of video you want to publish. 
  • Path-finding ability: You can also make those lyrics and other characters move. Doratoon enables you to define a path for what you need to appear moving on the video. 
  • Custom watermark addition: You can add a watermark to your videos or remove it. So, if you want your videos to bear your mark, Doratoon can help certify that. 
  • Multiple orientations available: You can choose portrait or landscape before creating the video. 
  • Uploading enabled: The platform will allow you to import if you have material to add as you create and edit. You can add audio, video, photos, or PowerPoint presentations. The website also has images you can choose from in a vast gallery. 
  • Quick publishing: Once you are done with the video, it will take you a few minutes to publish. You can upload it on any social platform or YouTube. If you need to download and share manually, that is also okay. You can also choose the video format before downloading. 

How to Create Lyrics Video Using Doratoon 

As we said, getting those lyrics to appear on your video is easy. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Visit the Doratoon website and sign up. After that, you can pick a template or click on the create button at the top left part of the menu. 

Step 2: If you have material to import, you can do so from another cloud or local storage. Proceed to edit and add texts, animations, and other things you want to be in the video. You can add various scenes using the video length guideline below. The texts and other things you need to add are accessible via the left menu. 

Step 3: Once you are done, publish the video on your channel or download and add it manually. 


You have seen how to create lyrics videos easily using readily available platforms like Doratoon. So, it’s not some hard work to spend hours on when all you need is a short video for your social media engagement. 

You can visit the main website to learn more about the platform. If you need any guidelines, they are available in blogs and videos. Now, get the free lyric video creator and add some words to what you need your audience to understand better.

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