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Dos and Don’ts When Owning a Luxury Car

by Nathan Zachary

Do you know why good car maintenance is highly essential when you own a high-end vehicle? That is because purchasing a luxury car requires a substantial outlay of your hard-earned cash. It’s likely that you gave your luxury car purchase a lot of time and consideration. Even if you intend to mostly use your automobile for special occasions and not exactly for daily commuting, it is still an important investment. Your investment doesn’t, however, stop the moment you drive it off the lot and into your house. Maintaining your car’s condition helps keep its value high in case you decide to sell it in the future. Who knows you might even continue to use it for twenty years or longer if it remains in excellent shape?

According to Moss BMW (2017), no matter how much money you’ve spent on your car, it’s necessary to practice excellent car maintenance. Nevertheless, it makes sense to take extra care of your prized vehicle to maintain not only its appearance but also its performance. 

For luxury car owners, you need to know the following Do’s and Don’ts so you can better take care of your prized vehicle:


Each luxury vehicle is created with the assistance of highly skilled mechanics and engineers. Therefore, to maintain your luxury car’s top performance, it stands to reason to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule. In a regular car, you might get away with postponing routine maintenance like oil changes, but it’s a different story when it comes to luxury cars. It’s crucial to replace your oil when your manufacturer advises it to ensure that your luxury automobile’s many components work as efficiently as you would like them to.

  1. DO APPLY COMMON SENSE (Do not be a reckless driver).

All drivers need to have common sense both when driving and parking. A large part of keeping your luxury vehicles in good condition is plainly using common sense. When you own a luxury vehicle, you have to avoid aggressive driving practices such as sudden braking or speeding over speed bumps. Servicing Master maintains that the most prevalent reason you damage your car’s suspension, tires, shock absorbers, and other undercarriage parts is speeding over speed bumps and potholes. You can probably be aggressive when driving an ordinary automobile. In a luxury automobile, however, not exercising common sense on the road can result in pricey damages.

Furthermore, avoid parking your automobile in extreme heat or cold areas because this might damage the delicate components of your vehicle. If you want your luxury car’s tires to last for long, use a tire pressure monitoring system so that the tires remain inflated at the proper pressure.

  1. DO WASH YOUR CAR ON A REGULAR BASIS (Do not allow dirt to accumulate for long).

If you want your vehicle to remain looking good as new for a long time, you must wash it often, say once a week. This tip is particularly helpful to used luxury cars. Also, keep in mind that rust is contributory to corrosion and is aggravated by moisture-retaining dirt that may form on the exterior body of the vehicle. Once the  dirt gets into vital areas or moving parts, it can make the parts corroded or restrict movement. Therefore, cleanliness of your vehicle, both inside and out, must be maintained. If there’s any paint damage, you must have it retouched or repaired immediately.

Regular washing will help retain your car’s luxury paint job, remove any debris that has built over the course of the week, and keep your automobile looking good and spotless. Follow these steps for washing your high-end vehicle the right way:

  1. Use two buckets–one with merely water and the other with water mixed with professional cleaning detergent for cars.
  2. Rinse the car with plain water.
  3. Apply the car wash solution using a microfiber towel or cloth.
  4. Using a yard hose, give your luxury vehicle one last rinse.

You should also consider having your car waxed and polished once a month by a professional car washing service.

  1.  DO USE APPROPRIATE CAR CLEANING PRODUCTS ( Do not use just any soap or detergent).

When cleaning the interior of your luxury automobile, you need to use the proper cleaning supplies. Cleaning the carpet, for instance, requires the use of a high-quality carpet shampoo, while cleaning the seats entails the use of a microfiber cloth. Usually, manufacturers equip luxury automobiles with quality leather accents; hence, you must clean your vehicle’s seats using the proper materials and a cleaning solution designed for leather surfaces.

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