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Down Syndrome Support services in Sunshine Coast – Giving parents a helping hand

by Nathan Zachary

For parents who have just been told their baby has Down Syndrome, it’s an emotional time, but in many ways also a blessing that their child will be different and might need some extra help to live up to their potential and grow into happy, well-adjusted adults. If you’re expecting or have just had a child born with Down Syndrome, here are some services and support groups you can use to help your child reach his or her full potential.

Early Intervention Services

Down syndrome support services in Sunshine Coast provide you with emotional and material help for parents raising children with Down syndrome. Here are some of the things they do:

They offer sibling workshops that inform families on how to interact positively with their siblings.

They also offer one-on-one sessions that give advice on creating individualized goals.

Finally, they offer physical and mental health assessments as well as hearing screening.

Health and Medical Support

Sapphiresupport is an organization that provides assistance and resources to families who have children with Down Syndrome. Sapphiresupport’s primary focus is on support for the family. They offer workshops, lectures, and meetings in order to help educate people about the syndrome. They also aim to provide emotional support and guidance to those who are just starting out on this journey or may need some guidance with regards to certain issues.

Sapphiresupport hosts an annual walk called Walk for Down Syndrome where they gather support from the community and raise awareness about Down syndrome. The event features live music, vendors selling various items, food trucks, as well as other activities including face painting.

Educational Programs and Services

Down syndrome support services in Sunshine Coast offer support groups and educational programs to help people with Down syndrome. Parents can find emotional support, resources, and communities of likeminded individuals. There are also many service providers to assist families with the day-to-day tasks that come with having a family member who has Down syndrome. For example, specialized tutoring programs are available for children with Down syndrome, free of charge.

Behavioral and Psychological Support

Down Syndrome Support Services was established in 2000 to provide support, advice and information to families with children who have Down syndrome. We offer individual, family and group support sessions for parents and siblings of children with Down syndrome. This is an opportunity for parents to come together with other families and share their experiences of living with a child who has Down syndrome.

We also have an Active Parenting Program which provides parenting courses for both mothers and fathers. All courses are run by qualified staff including educational psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and social workers. The program aims to educate the parent on how they can interact more effectively with their child as well as improve their own well-being by learning new skills such as relaxation techniques or being more physically active.

Employment and Training Programs

Down Syndrome Support services in Sunshine Coast provides free support and information to families raising children with Down syndrome. We also offer employment and training programs to help people with Down syndrome gain the skills they need to be successful members of their communities.

We offer two levels of employment program: one for youth, ages 16-21 years old; and another for adults, ages 22 years or older. We provide assistance with job placement, resume development, interview skills and other life skills.

Community Inclusion Programs

Down Syndrome Support Services is an organization that provides support and assistance to the families of children with Down Syndrome. The programs provide information, training and resources that help children with Down syndrome live more independently and participate more fully in their communities.

We provide emotional support, educational resources, advocacy and so much more. We are here for you to help you through this journey.

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