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How to Draw Boondocks 

by Nathan Zachary

Draw boondocks in just six easy steps! The Boondocks is among the numerous compelling, unique, and contentious mature-livened shows assembled. Since its debut in 2005, the sequence has supplied great fans that can’t get enough of the unique characters, offbeat humor, and biting satire that raises many issues. Cool things to draw

For fans of the series, it can be a lot of fun learning how to draw Boondocks so that they can create fan art. This is the guide if you are one of those many fans! This step-by-step guide on drawing Boondocks in just six steps will show you how to recreate this iconic character.

How To Draw Boondocks – Allows Reach Initiated!

Step 1

In this guide on how to draw Boondocks, we focus on one of the main characters, Riley Freeman. To start designing her, we’ll begin by drawing her face. The show’s visual style is inspired by anime, and it’s worth keeping in mind when we remove the features. We’ll start with the outline of her face, which we’ll draw with a few curved lines. Once you’ve removed that, next we’ll add his eyes. These eyes feature particularly in that anime-inspired style we mentioned earlier, which means they’ll be pretty large with straighter, more angular tops with rounded bases.

The pupils of the eyes will also be quite large, and you can draw them in the form of a few circles in others. Her eyebrows will be pretty tall and angular, and they’re layered to give Riley a severe and intense expression. Then you can finish by using sharp lines for her nose and then finishing her expression with a line for her mouth. The final look we’ll draw is his ear, which will be marked with a few curved lines.

Step 2: Following, remove parts of her fur and her hoodie.

For this second part of your Boondocks drawing, we will mark the beginning of his hair and hoodie. For the side of her hair, we will draw strongly curved lines that will be rounded on the outer edge but have straighter lines on the inner edge. We’ll also draw thin, rounded shapes for the strands of hair hanging from the back of her head. Next, we’ll use a wavy line for the top of the hoodie he’s wearing, and we can finish that later.

Step 3: Measure the top of her coat.

We will add the remainder of her do in this third step of our guide on drawing Boondocks. This area of her coat will instead appear in the side province you drew in the previous step. This means it will be bumpy, more rounded on the outside edge, and more angled on the inside edge. That’s all we’ll do in this step, so once you’re happy with how her hairstyle looks, we can move on to step 4!

Step 4: Currently, remove some better of his hoodie.

For this and the next step of your Boondocks drawing, we’ll finish the hoodie he’s wearing and add some final touches. For the top of the hoodie, we’ll use rounded lines for the outer edges and curved lines on the inside. These rounded and curved lines are spread to give the hoodie a fabric look.

Step 5: Finish your Boondocks drawing.

This fifth part of our guide on drawing Boondocks will be about finishing the final details, so you’re ready to add some color in the last part. For our final details, we used more rounded lines for the top off the shoulder of her hoodie. Once you’ve added these lines, complete all the details in this guide! Before moving on to the final step, this is your chance to add some details and finishing touches of your choice.

You can draw more of his arms and body for an idea, but you could also make other additions. It would be fun to look for images of his brother Huey, his grandfather, or other characters from the show to go along with Riley. These are just some ideas you could opt for, but what else can you think of to complete it?

Step 6: Finish your Boondocks drawing with some color.

We’ll finish this character with some paint for the final part of your Boondocks drawing. For our image, we used more muted shades for the colors to make it look a bit more understated. We also opted for a shade of green for the SW.

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