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DRL Daytime Running Lamp/Light

by Nathan Zachary
DRL Daytime Running Lamp/Light

Daytime Running Lamp (DRL Daytime Running Lamp/Light) is a light that emits
yellow/white/amber light, which automatically turns on when the engine is started, to enhance the
awareness of pedestrians facing the vehicle. in daylight conditions.
– The DRL can be a separate light, low beam (lower beam) or high beam
(headlight)/turn signal/fog light reduced in intensity. However, the current trend
is to use low-energy DRLs such as LED lights to ensure
gas standards for vehicles.
– DRL was originally a mandatory requirement of vehicles in Scandinavian countries,
where winters are quite dark even during the day. Currently DRL is a catch request
required / is the standard of vehicles in many advanced countries in the world.
-So the cars of Honda, Yamaha … are designed according to quality standards,
nothing is difficult to understand. The use of daytime lights is now less
accepted by consumers because of the familiar smoke for many years and can also be called
inappropriate when in Vietnam, fog is almost absent, except for some
Northwest highland province .
-About the needs of customers who want to turn on / off the lights, it is as simple as adding
an on / off switch, but changing the structure of the car will affect a
lot because on new models there is a set design. throttle to ensure that the tank is still supplied enough
power when the car is in operation, the light is on continuously, not to mention the additional plastic part to be chiseled
to attach the new switch. And an important thing is that the change is not
accepted by the company, instead it will not be covered by the warranty.

– Do not change the structure, make sure not to cut the car’s wires and punches
– Simple and easy installation, just connect the jack of the kit to the jack of the car lights.
– The operation to change the On/Off state only needs to hold the switch for 3 seconds
– The device integrates a passing part, from which your car can Passing for directions
like the Shi line. Pasing is even the state of the car with lights off
– Just unplug the device’s connector, the car will return to its original state.
– Electronic components are selected, so the device has a long life, suitable for operation
in bad weather conditions such as sunshine, rain…
– Warranty 12 months, 1 to 1 exchange.

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