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Eco-Friendly Material For Custom Die Cut Boxes

by Nathan Zachary

Packaging is a daily basis business. We daily need bundles of custom boxes for our product packaging. we never think about how undegradable material is affecting the environment. If you think the same and want to play a part in promoting a healthy environment, buy eco-friendly material for the custom packaging. It does not shield or protect the environment but also helps your business in many positive ways. We have eco-friendly Kraft and cardboard material for custom die cut boxes manufacturing. are some benefits or advantages you get when you choose eco-friendly material.

You save money because no-friendly material is cheap compared to other materials for packaging.

  • People impress more when you introduce your product in green packaging
  • Your extra stock will never waste. You can use it again after recycling.
  • You play a part in promoting healthy green nature by using eco-friendly material

An extra layer of protection for custom die cut packaging.

We don’t just only rely on durable material for packaging. We do lamination on coating to increase the durability of custom die cut boxes. We have the most demanded and strong lamination and coating for custom die cut boxes.

1. Gloss lamination:

We highly recommend using gloss lamination for food items boxes. It has moisture-resistant properties and protects the custom box get soggy due to moisture. More it increases the vibrancy of color design on the custom die cut box. It gives a shiny glare, which attracts the buyer from a distance.

2. Matte lamination:

If you want less glare, apply matte lamination. It gives a decent and matte appearance to the box design. If the custom die cut box design is in a dark shade like black, dark brown or red. We suggest you apply matte lamination because it balances dark shades due to less glare.  And helps to read detailed descriptions easily on a smooth surface.

3. Aqueous coating:

The aqueous coating is an environment-friendly coating. The gloss/matte laminated boxes can’t be recycled, but the aqueous coating can. If you want 100% recycling, apply an aqueous coating on the eco-friendly box. It is a water-based coating applied in liquid foam on the custom box. More, it makes the box surface scratch and smudge-free.

Personalize die cut on any box style:

The die cut style looks versatile with any box style. You can customize it on all the edges of the box. We craft it in different shapes, like moon stars, etc., to make its appearance more graceful for the buyers. If it is a Christmas-themed custom die cut box, personalize the die cut style in a tree, bells, and star shapes that symbolize Christmas. You can create designed borders on the die cut style with PMS and CMYK color schemes. If you want sparkling and gleaming, apply stamp foiling and varnishes on the borders. You can use shady shiny strips or ribbons too.

Boost your bakery business with custom die cut boxes:

Show off beautifully marinated bakery items like cupcakes, cakes, and macrons in custom die cut boxes. People buy bakery items by seeing their appearance or decoration. It is well said you eat first with your eyes, then smell and eat physically. That’s why we suggest you customize the die cut window on the custom bakery box. It helps the buyer choose his favorite frosting without opening the custom box. Also, increase the grace and appearance of the box. We cover the die cut window with a durable PVC sheet. It resists air, germs, and dust, which can affect the freshness and quality of the food item.

Boost Christmas sale with custom die cut boxes wholesale:

The Christmas event is the golden sale time for any business to earn an extra margin. They introduce new ways to grab people’s attention toward products. And custom boxes canada is the strongest way to display your product at Christmas. That’s why we every time introduce newly updated designs better than before. With versatile enhancements, differentiate your custom die cut box from others.

To grab kids’ attention, you can design Santa clause jingle bells, a snowman, and other animated characters. More, make it sparkling with the help of silver, red gold, and another stamp foiling. Or use other add-ons like embossing or debossing, spot UV, and matte/gloss coatings to present the brand logo or design. You can contact our design team for better advice.

You will earn extra bucks this year through custom packaging from iCustom boxes. That’s why we suggest you buy custom die cut boxes in bulk. We provide custom boxes wholesale with an extra discount to enhance end-season sales. And get your order on time with a secure and free shipment.

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