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Effective Tips for the CFA Level 1 Exam

by Nathan Zachary
CFA level 1 prep course

Most students and aspirants from financial backgrounds swear by the opportunities that CFA brings from a career perspective. The CFA exam tests the financial knowledge of candidates from a bouquet of topics and after three levels of exams, which is considered to be one of the toughest exams, opens the door for a variety of career options in the financial field. Passing the CFA level 1 exam is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a minimum of 300 hours of study time with complete focus and dedication.

Any candidate appearing for the CFA exams must be well aware of the sacrifices they need to make on the social and personal front, as the preparation for CFA would require total concentration without any distractions. One needs to let go of many family trips or friendly get-togethers to complete the CFA level 1 prep course, which consists of ten different topics. The curriculum of CFA exams is designed in a way where in level 1 the candidates are introduced to the subject with only the important areas, whereas in levels 2 and 3 the topics are explained in detail so that a CFA passed out is equipped with the extensive knowledge of the financial terms and tools.

As far as the CFA level 1 online course is considered, the CFA institute keeps it updated based on the changes in the financial sector so that the candidates appearing for the exam are exposed to the contemporary financial terms and tools that are in use. There are, of course, course materials available with the exam registration, however, it is advisable to enrol with an online CFA course for preparations so that the candidates can get guidance and relevant study materials and assistance for the CFA exams.

Studying and preparing for the CFA exams is very different from any other courses or exams. It has an extensive syllabus that deals with every minute financial detail and so getting assistance is recommended. If considering the tips and advice from the experts and successful candidates, aspirants can give it a read to get some effective tips to pass the CFA exams.

Focus Strategically:

One important point to remember while preparing for the CFA exam is that you do not need to study everything. Prepare a strategy based on the weightage and the number of questions and focus on those topics. As you must already know the CFA curriculum is divided into 10 topics and each topic has a different weightage for different levels. So, it is only insightful to understand the curriculum and the mark distribution first and then begin preparing accordingly.

Utilize the time:

It is widely believed that the CFA preparations required at least 300 hours of studying, preparing, and practising for successful results. So, it is advisable to start early and utilize the time effectively. While preparing for the CFA, there is no time to waste, it is all about you and your CFA curriculum. Dividing the time for efficiently studying, consequentially revising, and consistently practising can help in achieving the desired result.

Study Effectively:

When preparing for CFA it is essential to have a plan as the curriculum is vast and exhaustive. Before beginning the preparation, set yourself a goal for completing the course and make strategic planning to reach your goal. When you handle the preparation smartly, you do not need to worry about last-minute haste. A solid and well-planned routine can help in digesting the vast syllabus and gaining the knowledge required for the exam.

Enrol with a Course:

Although self-study is the key to success in an examination, however, guidance is always a must. Enrolling on an online CFA course, you can be assured of proper assistance and guidance in the completion of the course material. The online courses on the CFA level 1 prep course are equipped with study materials, focused learning through concept-based videos, access to animations and practice questions that help to visualize, retain and process the information, and sufficient details on concepts and topics for ease of preparation.

Practice, Practice, and Practice:

The more you practice the more you are exposed to various types of questions and get an understanding of the exam patterns. Make time to sit for the mock exams as that will give an exposure to process the information and knowledge that you have gathered during your preparation. Practice is a must for CFA preparation and one must not ignore this crucial part of the preparation.

Get used to your Financial Calculator:

The CFA examination allows the use of two specific calculator models, so it is recommended that you get used to your preferred device much before time. Having the experience and practice of using the device will be helpful during the exam, as you will be quite acquainted with your device.

Bottom Line

With these tips and bits of advice and recommendations, you can be assured of tasting success if followed religiously. When planning to prepare for the CFA level 1 online course, be mentally prepared for the upcoming tough days and let your family and friends know of your plan beforehand so that they can be supportive of you. Consider the CFA as your goal and make the progress strategically to meet it in time, however, do not overwhelm yourself with the preparations, keep the space to breathe and be assured that you can achieve your goal of a flourishing career.

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