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5 Effective Ways to Lend Your Custom Home a Luxurious Feel

Trying to make your home feel luxurious? Here are some effective ways to accomplish your task

by Nathan Zachary
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The home is your den of comfort and the place where you spend a lot of time. So, it is natural to add a design and décor that appreciates the interiors. Whether it is your first luxury custom home or you are planning to revamp the existing space, there are plenty of ways to do things right and go wrong. There is no end to splurging to give your home a luxurious feel but you will never feel comfortable burning a hole in your pocket.

While the innate feeling to lend your home a luxurious look can take you to the pinnacle, it’s time you realize that simplifying the space can make it look more heart-warming and classier. Even though luxury custom homes Vancouver seems to be an overwhelming task, you need not spend all you have saved. So, here is how a few small changes in your home may make a huge difference. Follow these five steps to make your dwelling space more luxurious and elevated.

  1. Go for simple ideas
  2. You can go on adding luxurious items to your home or try to invest in simple accents to give it a classy look. Replace your outdated cane sofa or table, the table lamp, or an art décor. The temptation to overspend leads to some unnecessary purchases.  It will only make your home a lot clumsier. Try to adhere to simple and ageless ideas to lend a classic touch or choose casual furniture to add quirkiness to the makeover.

  3. Use luxury fabrics and oversized art objects
  4. You may get fantasized about small artworks in several homes but do you know that pictures in bad frames are a big no when you are planning to add luxury to your home?  Paintings, textiles, and photographs look good on a big scale when they are well-framed. If you have traveled to places around the globe and have a few of those timeless collectibles or wall hangings, call a professional to have them framed appropriately.

    Besides, using luxurious fabrics may make your home look opulent. Upgrade the sofa cover and change the curtains to make the interiors feel right. Change the table runner or the cushion covers to bring in the ultimate look. Fortunately, home renovation Vancouver will throw several ideas but you have got to be picky about what you choose and lend your home a pompous look. Every little change you make may create a difference, so organize your ideas before making the changes.

  5. Change the lights
  6. Nothing adds more accents to your home than the light fixtures, so go on changing the existing lights as much as you can. The best option to make the lighting simple yet sophisticated is through multiple fixtures. From floor lamps to recessed lighting, ceiling lamps, and table lamps, you will have a lot more to look forward to when highlighting the favourite areas of your home. You can stock to a single color and make the lights multi-directional to rev up the ambience of the space. Ask the home builders to make room for various lighting fixtures and go about doing the change.

  7. Add statement chairs and rugs
  8. Do you know what’s topping the charts when adding a luxurious feel to your home? Well, nothing that should create frowns on your forehead or drill holes in your pocket. Buy a quality rug for the living room and let the high-traffic area handle the pressure equitably. On top of that, you may put aside some funds for buying statement chairs. All you may need to invest in are a couple of chairs and lift the level of sophistication. Go for the best quality objects even if it means spending a bit more than usual. It won’t break your budget at all.

  9. Add a few metallic accessories
  10. If you want to add a metallic touch to upgrade the interior of your home, spontaneity is the key.  However, do not overdo it when adding the metallic touches. Hues in silver, bronze, gold, and copper are good to go. Make sure that the finish is meaningful and emerges as a thoughtful addition to your home.

Finest luxury custom homes Vancouver use high-quality materials when defining the spaces within. You must try to create a space that is not only beautiful but also functional. If you want every detail of your home to be designed under an expert’s supervision, head towards Roadhouse Homes. They have vast experience in designing custom homes in Vancouver and will offer you perfect tips to enrich your living place and allow you to settle for the best.

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