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Electric toothbrush charger that have fixed internal batteries

by Nathan Zachary
electric toothbrush charger

How To Charge An Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush charger requires an energy source in order in order to operate. This power source is typically either batteries or in certain cases, batteries.

Electric toothbrushes are available in two varieties that have batteries that can be remove (design to be easily remove) and ones that have internal batteries fix (not made to be remove in normal conditions).

In this post, I’ll detail how to charge an electronic toothbrush, the way it works and how you can tell when your toothbrush is fully charge.

Does your brush come with batteries that are removable or is it not?

The first thing you need to know is whether the brush is equip with either a removable or fix internal battery.

The majority of electronic toothbrushes have batteries inside that can be remove using tools, but they aren’t made to be use at home.

Brushes that are more affordable or basic come with batteries that can be remove. They are usually replace or remove from the base of the handle. It is usually clear or not if it is possible to take off the battery.

It will also have a detachable cap that will allow access to the compartment for the battery.

The majority of brushes that don’t come with batteries that can be remove are equip with a recess in the bottom which is similar to the one shown below.

If there is no clear method to access the battery, then it’s likely that the brush has an inbuilt battery. Also if the brush comes with batteries, that’s an indication that it has batteries that can be remove. If the brush was equip with a charging station, it’s a sign the brush is equip with an internal battery that is fix.

I’ll walk users through charging and show you how to tell when your brush has been charge.

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Do I recharge my toothbrush using non-removable batteries?

This article is intend to clarify the charging procedure for many electric toothbrushes. There will always be one or two devices that do not fall within what is consider to be the normal procedure.

This is only a guide and it is recommend when possible to read your instruction manual or directions provide by the maker of the brush.

Most of the time the electric toothbrush is recharge by placing the handle onto a charging station.

The charging stand is likely to be supply along with the toothbrush. It is usually a square or square-shaped piece typically with an angled prong (protuberance) that is placed up straight in the center.

At the base of the electric toothbrush , there will be a recess in which the prong will fit when the toothbrush is place in the stand.

The brush is usually place in a straight position it is on the stand to take charges.

Most charging devices come with a wire cable inside them, which connects to a plug which is connect to the outlet locate in the bathroom. It’s usually a two power adapter like every other appliance you have in your home.

Many wonder what the charging process is, without the need to physically connect an electrical cable for the device.

It utilizes a technique known as inductive charging. We will explain the way a toothbrush operates in a separate article . But the basic description is that it makes use of an insulate wire within the charging stand as well as one inside the handle. A field of electromagnetic energy or electrical current flows across the two coils reverse .The charge is transfer through the charging stand and into the batteries in the handle.

When the charging station is hook up to the mains power source.

It transfers a current via the socket the stand and into the brush and, over time, this recharges the battery in the toothbrush.

As previously mention, there are a few exceptions, including that of the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. It is believe to charge inside the form of a glass. It uses the same technology, but apply slightly differently.

There are two models: the Sonicare DiamondClean . And the Oral-B Genius 8000 can both be charge using a travel bag instead of the stand. The basic principle behind charging is identical, it’s only implement slightly differently.

If you’re looking to know the best way to recharge your electronic toothbrush while traveling to countries that have different sockets and voltages, you can refer to our article on Utilizing An Electric Toothbrush overseas’.

How can I tell if the battery is fully charge?

What you can do to determine if the battery of your electric toothbrush has been fully charge is dependent on the model and the brand you have.

Although between them all there will be slight variations in the way you determine if they are being in fact charge There are general guidelines you could consider when making your decision.

To get the most exact information about your toothbrush, consult the documentation provide by the manufacturer.

No matter if you own the Oral-B Sonicare or Colgate toothbrush the best way to ensure the toothbrush remains fully charge, is to keep it charge for a prolonge amount of time. Most will fully charge within 8 to 16 hours, however certain models can last up to 24 hours.

No matter what brand you choose, If you let it remain charge for 24 hours, it will be fully charge at the end of the day.

Certain brushes include a battery status symbol on the back of the brush handle. If it is an unchanging green color, or not illuminate, your battery has been fully charge. If it’s flashing green, then it’s usually charging. The colors yellow or red typically show less or there is no charge left.

Certain brushes include a battery icon at the back of the brush handle. This icon could be divide into 4 or 3 bars. If all four bars have been lit up, that is usually a sign that it has been fully charge.

In the majority of instances however, the manufacturer does suggest it’s safe to put your brush in the charging stand always. If you do this, it’s unlikely that you’ll never be in a situation that you’re out of energy.

Sonicare recommend as a rule of thumb that time to charge for each of of their models can last up to 24 hours. More than Oral-B’s, this is usually due to the batteries are more durable however, they also advise it’s okay to put it in the charger for a while.

Some models show indications through the charging light and battery status icons , as describe earlier.

One of the best ways to ensure long-term reliability and performance from your brush is to completely discharge the brush completely each 6 months, and after that recharge it completely. This will prolong the life of your battery. It is important to note that if you have to make use of the brush but it isn’t fully charge, it is okay. Make use of the brush and then replace its charging station.

Brushes that are deplete of power completely might require at least 30 minutes in the charger before they are able to be use for a clean, or before charging lights appear.

Can I put your toothbrush charging on the charger stand?

Many people wonder if they are able to leave their electronic toothbrush in the charger stand since they are concern that keeping it there for long periods could cause damage to the battery and could pose a risk to safety.

It is recommend to always refer to the manual that comes with your electric toothbrush to determine the operating guidelines and instructions are for your manufacturer of the toothbrush as they may be different.

As generally it’s generally acceptable to keep the toothbrush charging stand and never off charge.

The charging stand usually serves two purposes. It is the first to provide an area for the toothbrush to rest safely when it is not in use as well as to charge the battery’s capacity is low.

The power cable on the charging stand doesn’t require to be constantly connect to the power source. It is safe to unplug the power supply and let the toothbrush rest on the stand for charging. This will help ensure the toothbrush stays in place and minimize any threat to damage or risk to the toothbrush.

The power cable not being connect is usually fine however it isn’t always require.

If you have the power on the stand for charging, your toothbrush will be constantly replenish and ready for use.

The majority of electric toothbrushes come with electronic circuits to stop the toothbrush from charging too high. That means that once the battery is fully charge it will stop charging. Only when the battery is below the limit will the brush be able to accept the charge.

It’s not as common nowadays however in the past it was commonplace to leave the brush on the standwhile connect to the power source could wear out the battery more quickly, causing what was call memory effect.

The latest toothbrushes are not as prone to this, especially those that have Lithium-Ion batteries.

There are a variety of opinions on how to maintain the battery in good condition. In reality, for the vast majority of users, it’s not important to worry about it too much. Most users are content to leave their brushes in the stand for charging and connect it to the mains power source.

If you want to make sure you get the most from the battery, you should try to fully charge it, then discharge it completely (not entirely) by reducing it to about 20%, then recharge it.

This method will ensure that you have more charging cycles instead of letting your battery go through a 75% discharge and then continuing to top it up.

Do I recharge a toothbrush with batteries that can be remove?

If a brush is equip with batteries that are removable, you’re making sure that the battery is not charge. This is a phrase that is only applicable to brushes with batteries that are built into the handle.

There is no way to charge the batteries in the brush.

In this case, you’ll need to eliminate the battery that was drag from the brush and replace them with new batteries. Typically, they are AAA or AA batteries.

There are AAA or AA batteries that can be recharge. These rechargeable batteries are able to be use in a toothbrush which accepts batteries with removable. They must be charge with a special piece of equipment or plug that you receive (in the majority of instances) using rechargeable batteries.

If you have rechargeable batteries that are removable Do not toss them out, but instead place them in the charger once the battery’s power is deplete and let them recharge until they are fully charge (follow the instructions provide by the manufacturer of the batteries).

After charging, put it the toothbrush back in.

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What do I do to know when the batteries are fully charge?

The battery charger will display a signal when they’re fully charge or not by means of an indicator light or status on the device.

There is a wide variety of of rechargeable batteries, which means that this may not work to your specific situation So, if you are able, look up the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Most of the time, just a couple of hours will recharge the battery.

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