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by Nathan Zachary

Twitter will let you swipe to switch between different views on the front page

Now it will be much easier to navigate through the wide range of tweets on Twitter thanks to this new functionality.

We will have news regarding a new feature that will allow us to access, much more quickly and directly, a series of tweets through our main page or timeline on the Twitter social network .

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Since Elon Musk’s entry into Twitter, many new features have been included and many others are in the works. We will have a small but functional change starting in January: the ability to switch between different views on the timeline.

Basically, we can swipe to switch to different views that contain recommended tweets, followed tweets, trends, topics, and seemingly much more.

It is a feature previously announced by Elon Musk where he commented that ” the main timeline should allow easy side-scrolling between the highlights, the latest, the trends, and the topics that are followed .”

It should be noted that currently the social network Twitter already allows you to switch between a chronological timeline that shows the latest tweets in order and also the start timeline that shows the recommended tweets.

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With new functionality coming in January, additional views will be added and each view will now be easier to access with just a swipe.

It remains to be seen how the tweets will be organized and whether users will be able to complain that the views may end up being changed inadvertently.

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Previously, Twitter has already released other features such as the count of visits in tweets, prioritized classification in conversations for subscribers, or square profile images for brands.

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