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11 Employee Productivity Tracking Software Every Manager Should Know About

by Uneeb Khan
employee productivity tracking software

There are numerous employee productivity tracking apps on the market, so it can be difficult to pick the right software for your business. These modern tools can support almost any type of business and most even offer a free trial.

Productivity tracking software can work wonders for an organization and one type of software that is gaining popularity is employee productivity tracking. It’s designed to improve the way you manage your employees, and can be a helpful reminder if you’re trying to get them back on track.

Employee productivity tracking software is one way to maximize your employee’s time and make sure they’re working their hardest. Understanding how much energy an employee is putting into the job is important, so you can get a better feel for how to improve his or her performance.

How productivity tracking software works?

Managing employees is a challenging task. You can’t just fire people for poor productivity figures — it’s not only the cost of losing them, but possibly having to spend more time training the next person on how to successfully complete your business process. Therefore, the best way to track productivity is by having software that automatically collects their data and then reports it on an easy-to-read dashboard where you or your team can look at the results every day.

If you want to be a great manager and more productive at work yourself, you’ll need a reliable employee productivity tracking software.

Here Are 11 of the Best Employee Productivity Tracking Software You Need to Know About!

  1. DeskTrack

DeskTrack is a employee productivity tracking software that you can use to track the time spent on tasks by employees. With DeskTrack. You will know if your employees are doing what they are supposed to do and if they are spending enough time on their assigned tasks.

The most difficult thing in hiring a good productivity tracking software is determining which software best adapts to your organization’s specific needs. However, Desktrack caters to small and large businesses and organizations across the globe. It maintains a convenient and user-friendly interface that makes it very easy for all levels of employees to use.

Of course, employee productivity is only one measure on which your business can thrive and grow. By choosing the right tool to objectively measure performance, it can help you create strategies to improve overall team motivation, customer service, sales and marketing effectiveness, and even collaboration efforts. The value that DeskTrack can bring to your business cannot be understated.

  • 2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an amazing tool for tracking your work habits. As well as the habits of the employees that you manage. The software is extremely easy to use, and there’s a significant amount of flexibility in how it can be utilized. There are plenty of options for the types of metrics that you’d like to see, and there’s even a series of pre-built reports that can help you get started. Time Doctor is a great option for anyone looking to make use of employee tracking software.

  1. WorkPuls

Workpuls can prove to be a beneficial addition to any working environment. It’s likely that, should it take off, we’ll see many other corporations and startups incorporating the software into their own businesses to gauge productivity and measure the success of the workplace.

WorkPuls is a cloud-based, employee and project management solution that allows companies to manage the progress of their projects and employees. It displays data in easy-to-understand, highly visible graphs. Which makes it perfect for companies that want to react quickly to changes in the project or demand placed on employees.

  1. Desk Time

Desk Time is a powerful tool that will help you monitor, evaluate, and improve your employee performance. It also has cross-platform capabilities allowing you to monitor employees’ computer activity while they are not in the office. There’s nothing more important than the bottom line, and Desk Time software is there to keep those numbers in check. As you can see, the typical case for employee time tracking software is pretty compelling. And that’s why companies of all sizes should be considering it. By purchasing a productivity tracking tool. You can significantly reduce the possibility of a nightmare scenario like the audit described above.

  1. Toggl

Ultimately, Toggl is a great HR software for companies of any size. It’s a fast and efficient way to view how your employees are spending their time. If you’re looking for a new way to analyse your team productivity. Or just want some insight on how your employees are spending their day – Toggl is the perfect solution.

Toggl is a useful tool for businesses looking to track the time spent by their employees on the various tasks they work on. This allows them to maximize their productivity, and achieve better results at their jobs.

  1. Teramind

Tracking employee productivity is a surefire way to understand where time goes in the workplace. With this information, both management and employees can take actions toward increasing productivity and overall output. Tracking provides invaluable information, but there are many other ways to measure productivity, From simply asking employees how they feel to sophisticated tracking software like Teramind.

  1. Harvest

Harvest solves the problem of keeping track of time spent on projects for automated time tracking for freelancers. Teams (of all sizes) to automate the billing process and make payroll easier – easy to use, organised. So you know where you stand financially, simple to understand, invoicing your clients has never been easier or faster.

  1. RescueTime

RescueTime is an employee monitoring software that enables companies to track and analyze the time their employees spend on various websites categories and applications. This can allow them to identify the most used apps (gadgets), websites, and programs as well as how much time has been spent on them for day, week, month or year. Monitoring one’s productivity is one of the main uses of RescueTime. But there are others such as tracking remote work sites to ensure what hours employees work.

  1. Prodoscore

If you work in a creative or highly specialized field, the majority of your time is likely spent at the office. Tracking your time spent there is therefore crucial if you want to be an efficient employee. Software like Prodoscore can do just that by analyzing employee behavior across any number of categories. This level of insight allows employers to increase productivity, develop new hiring strategies, and more. If your company takes productivity seriously. This software might be a great way to get a leg up on the competition.

  1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff has several great features that can help employers keep track of their employees. These features, combined with an easy-to-use interface, make Hubstaff a great choice for keeping track of employee productivity.

Hubstaff is very simple time tracking software. The employee timesheets are sent to the project manager and used to track employee hours worked each week. Hubstaff makes it easy for companies to track their employees. So that they can make more informed decisions when planning work schedules, optimising payroll and paying employees.

  1. Clockify

Clockify is an employee productivity tracking software for companies big and small. Our goal is to help all companies save time, money, and energy by monitoring daily activities. And providing more accurate information for HR functions. Try Clockify today and take your business to the next level!

Ultimately, Clockify is a fantastic tool for productivity tracking. And we wouldn’t be surprised to see its features further expanded upon in future updates. If you’re looking for a way to track your employees’ working time more effectively and streamline your business, this app is definitely for you.


We hope that this article has inspired you to better track and improve the productivity in your business. If you’re still looking for a specific tool. be sure to check out our article of 11 Employee Productivity Tracking Software for Business. There you will find a collection of software options such as TimeDoctor, clockify, and DeskTrack to help your business run more efficiently. Good luck!

Employee Productivity Tracking Software will help you monitor your employees and encourage them to do better.

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