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Enhance your bedroom lighting layout with these ideas

by Nathan Zachary

Your bedroom is an important part of your home as this space is your escape from everything out there and this is the place where you can cherish your privacy. It also becomes quite important to give this part of your home the right touch because this is where you get your rest too. Never underestimate the importance and the influence of lighting in your bedroom. Every little lighting fixture has the potential to influence your mood and dictate the aura of your space. And we can’t emphasize enough on choosing the right lighting fixtures for your bedroom.

You begin and end your day in your bedroom and the lighting should simply exude a sense of bliss and nothing less. One advantage you have while decorating your bedroom is that you can give it a distinct theme that resonates with your personality and your idea. You don’t need a theme in your bedroom that complements the overall look of your home. Now, there are a lot of lighting fixtures that can be used in this space but we give you the right combinations that work perfectly for your bedroom. 

Begin with bedside table lamps 

Bedside table lamp will be a gorgeous addition to your room and will completely change your space. If your bed has space on both sides, then we definitely recommend going with matching table lamps on both sides. Not only does it lend to the lighting, but the symmetry adds panache to your bedroom too. Table lamps do lend soft lighting to your space but they can definitely enhance the functionality of your bedroom too. Table lamps will complement your primary lighting designs beautifully and look absolutely stunning when lit up alone too. You could go for the conventional table lamps or go with LED table lamps too. There’s countless options out there.

Add some charm with a chandelier 

A chandelier is a best thing you can add to your space. If lighting is art, then there’s no other lighting fixture that personifies it better than a chandelier. Place the chandelier right in the middle of your bedroom and look at it light up every inch of your bedroom. Go for a dimmable chandelier as it is customisable and it will let you personalize your ambience just the way you like it. 

Chandelier fan to add an edge to the decor

A chandelier fan or a fandelier is one of the most sought after lighting designs in the market and they are definitely an amazing alternative to your conventional chandeliers. A true symphony of form and function, this lighting design adds a distinct aura to your space. And don’t forget the functionality it adds to your bedroom. If your room is air-conditioned, then a chandelier fan can definitely accentuate the air flow of your space. 

There are quite a few secondary lighting designs like pendant lights, wall lights, or floor lamps, that will gorgeously complement the lighting layout of your bedroom. 

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