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Enjoy a memorable trip! Understanding the Average Cost of Limousine Rental

by Nathan Zachary

Are you looking to be stylish at your next major event? Are you looking to avoid the traffic jams at Miami Art Week? Find out the cost of a limousine rental to ensure that your plans do not end up in chaos. Companies that provide chauffeured rentals offer a wide range of vehicles to choose from. You can rent Limousines, party buses town cars, SUVs, stretch sedans, limos, and motor coaches.

Although the price of a Rolls Royce or Hummer may not be within your budget, there’s an alternative will. Let’s kick off this party by looking into the fees rental companies cost.

What is the cost to hire a Limo?

Certain companies offer packages for proms, weddings, and other events. Limousine companies generally base pricing for rental on four factors:

  • Type of vehicle
  • Day of the Week
  • The number of rental Hours
  • Time of Day

Before booking, go to the official website for limos. Check out images from the vehicles to get a better understanding of the capacity of the vehicle and prices.

Type of vehicle

Every type of limousine comes with distinct rental costs. The price is based on the type of limo used and the number of passengers it can accommodate.

A stretch limo holds 8 people. A super-stretch can carry 20 or more people. Limos that are SUVs are not uncommon and others are traditional limousines.

The more extravagant and luxurious your vehicle, the more expensive the cost of renting. The price is based on the cost to purchase the limousine and hire a chauffeur and maintain the car. Charges also cover licensing as well as insurance and the cost of gas.

Day of the Week

Like all services cost increases when there’s a higher demand. The majority of weddings are held on Saturdays so a limousine is more expensive during weekends. Hire your limo for a weekday, when demand is less and you’ll be paying less.

If the occasion you are planning is flexible, consider an evening on a Thursday instead of a Friday night. You can save money on the hourly rate as well as the minimum number of hours of rental.

Thursday nights aren’t ideal for proms, but it’s a great alternative for birthday parties and anniversary celebrations.

The number of rental Hours

Most limousine services offer an hourly rate. The typical rate is $75 to $200 per hour depending on the location, the business, and the car.

Expect to pay more for a limo in busy metro areas. A limo rental within New York City during the Christmas season will cost more than similar services in a smaller town.

The majority of companies require rental times. Most of the time, the rental is 2 to 3 hours during the workweek and up to 4 hours on weekends. This is why it’s cost-effective to prepare the limousine and then dispatch the driver.

Certain companies offer an all-inclusive hourly charge. Some companies charge a modest cost per hour, but they also add other charges. You should be aware of the pricing system before signing an agreement.

Limousines can be hired to transfer people between destinations. It’s an effective option to transport attendees from the airport to the Hotel or from the wedding location to the reception. It will eliminate parking issues and taxi costs.

Certain businesses offer discounts on the hourly rate if you hire a limousine for 7 or more hours. From an evening out to last night out on the town to last for eight hours or longer.

Many limousine companies provide an affordable price for transportation between major airports as well as cities.

Time of Day

The time of day influences the price. A limousine rental in the morning can be more affordable than renting during peak evening on a Saturday.

Evening services and rentals are charged higher rates. They could have higher minimum rental times because of the increased demand. Holidays and other special occasions could increase rates during the daytime also.

Get the limousine service to discuss the best prices when planning your wedding. If you are able, rent an automobile during the slowest times to save cost.

If you have to rent it during peak times then rent it out for longer to lower the cost per hour.

Is gratuity included within the Limousine Hire Price?

If you receive a quote and ask them to include gratuity in the cost of the limousine.

Each limousine firm is responsible for its gratuities in a way. We charge a 20% gratuity on all vehicles. Additional gratuities are up to the discretion of the customer.

Weddings and other events include an allowance so that the bride and groom do not have to have to think about the cost on the day of their wedding.

Extra Charges

It’s a common procedure to add a surcharge on any price. Parking, tolls, and airport fees are added. Additional charges are listed as individual costs on your bill.

You could incur charges for cleaning if anyone is sick or damages property within the limousine. It is your responsibility to pay for cleaning and repairs.

Certain contracts provide a standard cleaning service. Be aware of any penalties when you smoke in the limousine.

A lot of limousines have bars inside. The bar can be stocked by the company at a cost or let you bring your drinks.

In addition, Limousine companies have strict rules for minors who drink in limousines.

Stop Time and Waiting Time Costs

The price for airport pickups comes with 30 minutes of grace time. This allows passengers time to collect their baggage and get to the limousine.

Additional charges for waiting time and parking charges begin at the hour that the flight arrives. Once the grace period has expired and a waiting fee is in effect in 15-minute increments.

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Cancellations and no shows

If you choose to cancel your vehicle within two hours of the time of pick-up typically, a charge equivalent to the base price plus gratuity plus an additional fee is due.

The person who is a “no show” is required to be able to pay for the entire trip, which includes gratuities waiting time, wait time, as well as other out-of-pocket expenses.

If you’re unable to locate the chauffeur in your limousine, contact the limousine company immediately to get rid of a “no show” cost.

Check rates and possible charges before you book the limousine.


Most businesses require an initial deposit of 50% to reserve a time and vehicle.

Make sure you know what you’ll use to pay the driver’s fee — using cash or credit cards to ensure you don’t have to pay twice.

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