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Banarasi sarees are known to be the finest sarees in india where they are popular for their gold, zari, silver brocade, fine silk and opulent embroidery. The outfits are made from finely woven koora live silk and decorated in intricate designs. In most of the cases they come with engravings which make them heavy.

Different varieties

There are many varieties of these sarees. The most popular ones are: pure silk (Katan), silk, zari, and organza (Kora). There are other varieties that vary depending on the different design processes. These varieties include: Vaskat, Tanchoi, Jangla, Butidar, Cutwork, and Tissue.

High quality Saree

For a great look you should buy a high quality banarasi saree.

Float: you should take a look at the reverse side of the saree to see if there are floats between the grids of warps and wefts.

One of the most effective and cheapest tests is burning the saree’s thread. You should pull a thread from a hidden area and burn it.

If the saree is made from silk, the ash will smell like burnt hair.

Brocade design: real banarasi sarees have six to eight inches of plain silk brocade. The brocade usually goes over the shoulder giving the saree an excellent look.


Banarasi sarees are often part of an Indian bride’s outfit.

The shade of the outfit greatly determines the entire look. For an ideal look you should ensure that the shade of the outfit matches your complexion.

Some Scattered Thoughts, Now Collected

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