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Everything You Need to Know About Minesweeper

by Nathan Zachary

Minesweeper is a single-player puzzle video game. The goal of the game is to reveal a rectangular board with hidden “mines” without detonating them. It’s a simple game but it’s addictive, and it’s easy to pick up and play, which makes it a gr`eat choice for casual games. To play Minesweeper on google just search the term “Minesweeper” on the Google search bar and a web version of the game will pop up for you to enjoy.

The game Minesweeper is basically a game of chance.

To play Minesweeper, the player uses the mouse to click on squares in order to reveal what’s underneath them, and if there is a mine under the square, it will detonate and cause the player to lose the game. A number in a square shows how many adjacent squares (including diagonals) contain mines. When this number reaches zero, all mines on that board have been found, and the player can advance to another level or win.

The Minesweeper game has been around since Windows 1.0 and has only gotten better over the years. Though it’s easy and fun, it requires strategic thinking. The goal of a Minesweeper is to uncover all of the mines in a field, without uncovering any mines.

The game is played on a grid of squares, with some squares containing numbers or “mines” (represented by black dots). The player uses the mouse to click on a square. The player loses the game If the square contains a mine. If it does not contain a mine, then the player clicks again in another unclicked square. Minesweeper has been around for decades and has been played by millions of people all over the world. It is one of those games that never gets old and can be enjoyed at any age.


is a puzzle video game that was developed by Robert Donner and Curt Johnson in 1989, and published by Microsoft. The player uses a mouse to click on squares of the grid to reveal what is hidden underneath. If a square reveals a mine, the player will lose the game.

Play Minesweeper– The game has been around since 1996, and chances are, you have probably played it at some point in your life. But, have you ever stopped to wonder why it is so popular? Put simply, Minesweeper is a game of pure chance.

Minesweeper is a single-player puzzle game that was originally released by Microsoft in Windows 3.1 on November 10, 1992. There are two main variants of minesweeper: standard, where all squares are revealed when clicked on; and expert, where only one square is revealed per click. The player uses the cursor to click individual squares on the board to reveal what lies beneath them. If they uncover a mine, the game ends and they lose; otherwise, if they uncover a safe square, they advance to the next level with all mines revealed (except for those adjacent to uncovered squares).

The game has been ported and remade for multiple platforms and is included as part of various video game compilations. A sequel was released in 1997 called Minesweeper X; this version introduced new graphics and more variation in puzzle difficulty.

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