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Everything You Need to Know About Tap Classes in San Diego

by Nathan Zachary
Tap Classes San Diego

Every genre of dance has its own set of unique qualities. Tap dance is widely considered to be one of the most popular dance forms out there. Another form of dance that is highly respected is tap dance. It is seen as a popular yet challenging style of dance that strengthens a dancer’s technique.

Tap classes in San Diego teach a combination of different steps that are fundamental to a dancer’s technique, strength, and coordination.

What Are the Most Important Tap Dance Steps Taught Dance Lessons in San Diego?

Tap dance is a healthy combination of steps that are performed with an increased level of difficulty. Some of the most common steps include the following:

  • Toe Dig and Heel Drop
  • The Classic Stamp
  • The Brush.
  • Toe Knock
  • Ball Change. 

The step ball change is often performed during more difficult tap dance routines. Though it’s possible to implement other techniques, the step ball change is by far the most common movement.

Considered a very elegant move, dance lessons in San Diego focus on the ball change in particular so that younger students can execute the step perfectly during their tap routines. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Tap Dance?

Tap dancing works particular muscles in the human body, naturally increasing their flexibility. The quadriceps, present in the front of the thighs, and the hamstrings are mostly exercised during this genre of dance. Naturally, the muscles become more flexible, decreasing the chances of injury. Tap classes in San Diego have several advantages worth having, such as:

  • Reinforced Concentration and Focus: Tap dancing revolves around focus and concentration. When your kids begin taking tap lessons, they’ll be required to divide their attention evenly between the music’s rhythm and movements. As children grow into adulthood, this training helps them in several areas, including problem solving and analytical work. Additionally, tap dance increases memory. All of these benefits positively impact their academic life.
  • Increased Core Strength: A tap dancer has to have solid grapes on balance and posture. Tap dance is like a full body workout that increases your child’s core strength, improves their muscle functions, and enhances their fluidity of movements. Since tap dance involves a lot of weight shifting and balancing, it also enhances cardiovascular endurance. As the muscles are stretched and contracted, blood flows to every cell in the body and improves cardiovascular health.  

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