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Excel shortcuts to know

by Nathan Zachary

Excel is widely used in corporate, personal, and institutional settings due to its versatility and capacity to act as a visual basis for various applications. We are sure everyone would agree. Additionally, you would admit that shortcuts significantly simplify our lives. However, it might be challenging to remember and retain all of the shortcuts for Excel. Besides, how frequently do we use Google to find a shortcut? Therefore, we have provided a list of shortcuts in this post. Although you cannot remember them all, it is helpful to have a list that is easily accessible.

Microsoft Excel is the go-to product for working with data and analytics. Because of the many built-in features and practical shortcuts make it simpler to arrange data.

Let us study in detail what Microsoft Excel is and the importance of maintaining an Excel sheet in today’s business world.

Defining Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a highly robust and old program created by Microsoft in 1984. It is still widely used for spreadsheet processing, commercial operations, accounting, social media marketing, etc. In addition, it is widely used worldwide to store, record, analyze, and show data. Further, let us discuss the importance of using Excel shortcuts in today’s business environment.

Importance of Excel

  1. Excel’s first and foremost importance is that it increases productivity in the workplace by saving time from extra clicks.
  2. This tool may be used to quickly create spreadsheets for a company’s annual sales and other purposes. It can add, subtract, multiply, and divide hundreds of integers at once thanks to a sizable software packed with equations, and it can simply redo it if a value is modified or added.
  3. You can use the same application and view the same file remotely using a web-enabled PC, mobile device, or tablet. This makes it simple to make changes if you can’t reach your PC but need to share the spreadsheet immediately!
  4. Businesses may make the essential information stand out from the rest by using numerous formatting options, such as italics, highlighting, and colors. The number of operations completed with this tool is astounding, including, to mention a few, highlighting a whole row and comparing lists and values.

What are the main reasons for starting to use Excel?

This is your cue to start using Excel shortcuts and be proficient in using them to save time and energy. With shortcuts, the application will become interesting enough to use, and you will not find it boring.

  1. To work faster and be more efficient.
  2. To manage an extensive amount of data.
  3. To make your work more accurate without any errors.
  4. To make significant calculations easy without making it tedious or worrying about their formulas.
  5. To increase speed.

Important Excel shortcuts you must know

Here, we have divided the shortcuts into different categories, from frequently used shortcuts to other formatting keys.

General Shortcut Keys

Ctrl+OTo open an existing workbook
Ctrl+NTo open a new workbook
Ctrl+WTo close a workbook
Ctrl+HTo go to the Home tab
Ctrl+9To hide selected rows
Ctrl+0To hide selected columns
Ctrl+CTo copy the selection
DeleteTo remove cell content
Ctrl+XTo cut selection
Ctrl+ZTo undo
Ctrl+NTo got to Insert tab
Ctrl+WTo got to View tab
Ctrl+ATo got to Data tab

These are the commonly used shortcut keys. Now let us understand the shortcuts used for formatting.

Formatting Shortcuts

Alt+MGo to the Formula tab
Alt+H+ BAdd borders
Alt+H+HTo fill colors
Ctrl+ Shift+&To apply outline border
Ctrl+Shift+_To remove a border
Ctrl+Shift+$To use currency format
Ctrl+Shift+%To use percentage
Ctrl+;To insert the current date in active cell
Ctrl+Shift+;To insert current time in an active cell
Ctrl+BTo add or remove bold from the selected contents
Ctrl+ITo add or remove italics from the selected contents
Ctrl+UTo add or remove underline from the selected contents

Now, let us move on to the pivot table shortcut keys.

Pivot Table Shortcut keys: A pivot table means rearranging and reorganizing data from pacific columns and rows in a spreadsheet or database to get the desired report. It simply means turning the data to view it from a different perspective. A pivot table summarizes vast volumes of data interactively and quickly.

Shift+F10To open the context menu for the selected cell, column, or row.
Ctrl+MTo Move the table.
Ctrl+D  To Delete the table.
Ctrl+RTo Rename the table.
Ctrl+ASelect the entire table.
Ctrl+YRedo the last action.
Ctrl+SpacebarTo select the current column
Shift+SpaceTo select the current row
Alt+Shift+Right ArrowTo group items on pivot table
Alt+Shift+Left ArrowTo ungroup items on the pivot table
Alt+F1To create charts on the same pivot table
F11To create a new pivot table on a new worksheet


There are many more shortcuts apart from these, but these are some of the most important and basic shortcut keys that you must be aware of. I hope you’ve discovered a few new ones you can utilize to improve your Excel experience.

Although some of these shortcuts may initially appear cumbersome, if you get the hang of them, they may significantly speed up your work pace! On Windows computers, each of these shortcuts ought to function, although Mac inputs can change. And if you are new to Excel spreadsheets, this guide can benefit you. So, if you haven’t started shortcuts yet, we have stated enough reasons for you to start today.


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